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Dead Cells – 1.5.4 Patch Notes


  • Kamikaze explosion does not go through platforms anymore.
  • Community suggestion Add invulnerability frames when picking up a Quarter Scroll.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion Add an option to disable out of screen enemy announces. Translation is missing though… Our apologies to those who don’t understand Baguette langage.
  • Fix stat increase arrows sometimes staying on screen after the stat select panel has been closed

Bug fixes

  • Fix damaging Thornies through Networking causing player to take damage.
  • Fix not being able to drink a certain potion during a certain secret boss fight if the number of flask has been set to 0 with the Custom Mode.
  • Fixed picking up Colorless items not correctly updating the tier GUI.
  • Fixed using Giant’s Whistle during the Timekeeper fight sometimes bugging the boss. He always found a way to get on her nerves.

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