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Dead Cells – 1.4.8 – 1.4.11 Patch Notes

1.4.11 Patch Notes

Important features

  • BugFixes

1.4.10 Patch Notes

Important features

  • OpenGL issues fix

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Slammer and Rampager sometimes levitating. We listened to you, and now they will never feel the breeze under their wings again. You monsters.
  • Friendly Worms no longer freeze enemy attacks.
  • Conjonctivius’ tentacles will no longer reduce Malaise when killed with Necromancy.
  • Flint‘s flames now correctly hit Failed Experiments.
  • Removed Telluric Shock debug logs.
  • Slashers should now really not hit through gaps.
  • Fixed some Tentacle Whip crashes. Hopefully all crashes, but let’s not get too hasty, right?
  • Fixed double Tentacle Whip spam causing animation being stuck.
  • Fixed the Automaton sometimes getting stuck and doing nothing. Upgraded software to version 2.0
  • Fixed and rearranged camera movement bindings.
  • Fixed Lightspeed second activation not chosing the correct direction.
  • Fixed a crash when Skeleton tries to jump from an elevator.
  • Fixed the new mobs not appearing in the statistics panel.

1.4.9 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Elite Golems can no longer have the clone skill.
  • Community suggestion Removed a certain spinning item from potential drops in daily runs.
  • Elite’s turret skill increased cooldown between bursts. Change was actually live since 14.5 but we forgot to mention it in the patchnotes…

Level design

  • Community suggestion Fixed some problematic rooms: floating walls, softlocks, projectiles leaking from challenge rooms, etc.

1.4.8 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Bombardier‘s grenade timing fixed. For real this time.
  • A certain spinning skill™ won’t spawn as a legendary before you have unlocked it.

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