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Dead Cells – 1.4.2 Patch Notes

Important features

  • 1.4.2 is available on Windows and Mac, and will come on Linux as soon we fix a particularly frustrating technical issue.
  • Community suggestion WARNING – ALPHA STUFF. This isn’t definitive and could be modified or even simply reversed depending on the community feedback.

    The Color Scaling of many items has been changed. We’ve been rethinking how each color should offer several specific approaches of the combat.

    – Tactics: Glass Cannon with an emphasis on being well positioned. Survive by not being hit, and in dire need of suitable tools (defensive or helping with re-positioning) to do that job consistently.
    – Brutality: A well balanced build focused on fast weapons, melee combat, damage-over-time and offensive skills.
    – Survival: Slow weapons, great shields, lot of health, offensive skills with high cooldown but decent control alternatives. Everything tied to healing.

    Hence, why we felt the need to change a few of the current weapon scalings to be more in line with the global philosophy behind. Here is the full change list:
    – Stun GrenadeIce Grenade, and Root Grenade are now Tactics/ Survivalinstead of Brutality/ Tactics.
    – Death Orb is now Survival instead of Tactics.
    – Corrupted Power is now Brutality/ Tactics instead of Tactics/ Survival.
    – Vampirism is now Brutality/ Survival instead of Tactics/ Survival.
    – Tonic is now Survival only instead of Tactics/ Survival.
    – Corrosive Cloud is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
    – Lacerating Aura is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
    – Throwing Knife is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Tactics only.
    – Meat Skewer is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Brutality only.
    – Assassin’s Dagger is now Tactics/ Brutality instead of Brutality only.

    Two of the 14th update’s new items have also received a color change, with Lightspeed becoming a Tactic/ Brutality, but with a higher cd than before. A certain other spinning skill has become Brutality/ Survivalinstead of Tactics/ Survival.

  • Community suggestion WARNING – ALPHA STUFF. This isn’t definitive and could be modified or even simply reversed depending on the community feedback.

    3 New Tactics Mutations! Albeit not being designed to fit into range build but to make Melee purple an unstoppable killing machine. Until you take a hit.

    – Scheme: Using a skill gives a flat bonus damage to your next melee attack.
    – Initiative: Gives a flat bonus damage to your first melee attack against an enemy.
    – Predator: Killing an enemy with a melee attack makes you invisible during X secondes.

    We’ve been thinking about making an Assassin’s build (Glass Cannon with the highest damage and great mobility but the lowest tankyness of the game) viable in Dead Cells for some time now, and the recolor of some items was the perfect opportunity to try it.

    The Assassin is thought to be built around skills where you need to be at the center to make the most of it (Lacerating Auras, Knife Dance) and excellent defensive options or even panic buttons (Wave of Denial, Decoy, now Lightspeed and the control grenades). We also had the weapons fitting the gameplay theme of the assassin scaled with Tactics to give a few more options for this build.

    These mutations are available to everyone by default for testing purposes at the moment.


  • Community suggestion Ripper damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Parting Gifts range and damage slightly increased.
  • Community suggestion Flint breach bonus and the range of the flaming trail has been slightly increased.
  • Community suggestion Giant WhistleLightspeed and Telluric Shock gold costs reduced.
  • Community suggestion Vorpan breach bonus decreased.
  • Community suggestion Librarians can’t be Elite mobs. Tears were shed…

Graphics & UI

  • Royal Guards have revamped animations and FX, for better readability.

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion Prevent being stunned when falling too high using Telluric Shock.
  • Community suggestion Flint‘s flame damage is now displayed in its description.

Bug fixes

  • Magnetic Grenade will not turn friendly bombs or traps into grenades anymore.
  • No more stalactites falling after killing the Giant.
  • Parry Shield now parries grenade on the ground without a small delay.
  • Fix Automaton sometimes refusing to do their job again. Hopefully version 3.0 will fix all the bugs.
  • Sewer Tentacles should not appear in walls anymore.
  • Lightspeed second use should be in the correct direction.
  • Lightspeed now profits from cooldown reduction mutations.
  • Climbing on a wall or a ladder after using Lightspeed should work correctly.
  • Fixed various Lightspeed crashes.
  • Fixed “Legenday” typo in difficulty choice panel.
  • Fixed “parry” not being colored yellow in Blind Faith‘s description.
  • Replaced “flamming” by “flaming” in Flint‘s description.
  • Replaced “stun” by “root” in The Boy’s Axe description.

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