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Dead Cells – 1.3.6 & 1.3.7 & 1.3.8 Patch Notes

1.3.8 Patch Notes

Graphics & UI

  • Missing translations have been added

Bug fixes

  • Rampager should finally behave as intended, and stop her combo after being stunned or jumping to follow the player. She’s a difficult child, it’s hard to make her behave…
  • Fixed some Great Owl of War cooldowns, UI and rally bugs.

1.3.7 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Rampager now correctly announce before attacking.
  • Linux version is back!

1.3.6 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Blood Sword has been buffed a little too much in 1.3.4, so blood damage is back to where it was, and attack speed has been lowered (but it is still higher than it was before 1.3.4).
  • Community suggestion Explosive Crossbow damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Spartan Sandals were a bit too strong, so we nerfed the fall damages on the same plan a little bit.
  • Community suggestion The Cage elite skill has been reworked: it now has a 5 seconds up time, then gets down for at least 3 seconds.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Inquisitors return and Rampager arrival to Prison Quarters made the first level of Dead Cells one of the hardest of the whole game, so we tweaked the density and variety (added base zombie until BC 5) to made it easier.

Bug fixes

  • Legendary Cursed Sword can now have a Survival scroll.
  • Magister of Death no longer has a seizure when you teleport near it.
  • Bats (Kamikaze and other flying critters) no longer aggro through walls.
  • Beating the Giant now grants you 30 cells.
  • Fixed Shield Bearer dealing damages when stunned.

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