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Dead Cells – 1.3.3 & 1.3.2 Patch Notes

1.3.3 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Removed the out-of-map check that caused bad side effects in exterior levels.

1.3.2 Patch Notes


  • Arbiters were tweaked again:
    – Slightly increased the cooldown between bursts.
    – Arbiters can no longer turn after charge to shoot at you.
    – Added back a very slight angle to the bursts. No more bullets going over you when standing at the right distance!
  • Community suggestion Increased the level of Legendary items behind boss no-hit challenge doors to be on par with other challenge loot.
  • Community suggestion Rebalanced the amount of double and triple scrolls in Graveyard and Cavern:
    – Graveyard: 1 triple/3 double => 3 triple/1 double
    – Cavern: 2 triple/3 double => 3 triple/2 double
  • Community suggestion Yet another Thundershield buff! Increased discharge range and damages. Third time’s the charm, right?
  • In BC3+, Legendary items have bonus for every tier (Brutality, Tactic and Survival).
  • Rampager and Runner range slightly reduced to better match the animation.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Improved light generation in Forgotten Sepulcher.

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Fixed Cells and Golds pickup dropping on ground when performing some actions.
  • Community suggestion Fix Legendary Altar dropping into spikes when spawned on collapsable ground.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Bomber hitting you through walls. This fix only concerns the melee sword strike, the flight patterns and dive attack are meant to go through walls.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a [Custom Mode] bug on the item quality setting.
  • Community suggestion Malaise damages no longer kills cursed hero.
  • Community suggestion Fixed reforging an activated legendary Great Owl of War losing the legendary quality.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Flawless icon staying indefinitely if you drop the weapon.
  • Fixed StomperBomber and Rampager following you around even when you are invisible.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Failed Experiment hitbox. For real this time… probably.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Rampager dabbing after killing worms. Yabba dab-ba doo, I’m coming for you!
  • Community suggestion Fixed elite Runner never teleporting.
  • Added a check to avoid getting stuck out of map.

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