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Dead Cells – 1.2.4 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Now, in BC5, your blueprints will be automaticaly unlocked where the Collector stands out normally. (It’s mean you need to finish the level obviously)
  • [Custom Mode] Added the possibility to rename custom preset (only for pc for now).
  • Community suggestion Tactics build will now have less HP at higher levels than other builds.
  • Community suggestion Heavy weapons (ie. slow but powerful weapons) are now Survival only and they received some love. They have unique affixes that will increase their damage, give stun effect or area slow-downs. If you manage to hit your target, it should suffer.
    Attacks done with these weapons can no longer be interrupted if you get hit by an enemy, except if this enemy stuns you.


  • Community suggestion Dead Inside mutation now increases your Malaise limit.
  • Tainted Flask mutation now grants you a Malaise immunity for a few seconds when you use a healing flask.
  • New Melee mutation (it completely replaces the old one): it now slows down enemies hit for a short duration and prevents getting any Malaise infection from them for 2 sec.
  • Community suggestion Flying bomber enemy dive-attacks can no longer be blocked using a shield.
  • Community suggestion Nerves of Steel now has 4 ammo instead of 6.
  • Necromancy mutation now reduces Malaise infection when killing elites and bosses.
  • Community suggestion Magic missile can no longer interrupt (breach) enemy attacks.
  • Community suggestion Bleedpoison and fire DoTs can no longer interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Community suggestion Death Orb now inflicts enough total damage to kill multiple enemies in most levels.
  • New rare weapon affix: “the victim emits a toxic cloud on every hits”.
  • Community suggestion BossCell 0: balanced all enemy tiers (the beginning of most levels should be slightly easier, but the ending remains the same).
  • Community suggestion BossCell 1-2: enemy tiers before Black Bridge are lower, while the ones after and before Castle are slightly higher. Fixed insane Cavern difficulty.
  • Community suggestion BossCell 3-5: decreased many level enemy tiers, especially before Black Bridge. Fixed insane Cavern difficulty.

Level design

  • Minor fix in Astrolab exit.

Graphics & UI

  • Updated Banner update on main menu.
  • Added an ingame message when Malaise infection is reduced by a player action.

Music & Sfx

  • Added various sfx for Astrolab

Bug fixes

  • Fixed turret depop on Owl using
  • The Crusher now has gravity, woooo!
  • Fixed “!” missing on Lancer
  • Fixed the control lock duration after using a shield. The total lock duration should be constant for all shields.
  • Community suggestion Elite “flying crystal” side kick is now properly affected by Temporal Distortion skill.

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