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Dead Cells – 1.1.7 & 1.1.8 Patch Notes | LOT OF CHANGE TO CUSTOM GAMES


Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash at launch on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed a crash when a new custom game is started.
  • Fixed crash on some old GPU


Important features

  • Community suggestion [Custom Game] A lot of change: 
    – Securing Custom Game Data. 
    – Enabling specific custom options disable achievements for the run. 
    – You’ll need to beat the game once to unlock custom game, and beat it again with each boss cells to unlock all the options. 
    – You can’t force items or meta if you didn’t unlock them at the Collector.


  • Fixed DashShield not properly stopping Thorny mobs when they roll over your face.
  • Punishment Shield inflicts damage to nearby enemies when blocking arrows or deflecting bombs. Its damage was slightly increased.
  • Community suggestion Rerolling Legendary items is now cheaper than rerolling S-tier items (that’s a new advantage of Legendary items)
  • Toxic cloud deals less damage.
  • Masochist now caps trap damage to 10% of your HP.
  • Community suggestion Reduced 2nd mutation reroll to 25k, the 3rd still costs 50k.
  • Community suggestion Added a specific ExtraAmmo (+1 only) random affix for Boomerang. 
  • Reduced Hunter Instinct mutation a little bit.
  • Player’s diving attack no longer stuns enemies if they are under a full shield protection.
  • Ice Shard weapon now throws 3 grenades at a time, is twice faster and slows down enemies for twice longer.

Level design

  • Fixed scrolls being too close from each others.
  • Sewer rooms have been updated : the sewers are now narrower

Graphics & UI

  • Removed blood fx for critical hits on background props.

Bug fixes

  • Wave of Denial now repels bullets to a more logical angle (to the opposite of the player).
  • Fixed small grenades from Grenader mobs that couldn’t be countered.
  • Elites “mini-bosses” that unlock runes should no longer have special elite skills.
  • Wrenchip whip no longer ignore shields on 3rd hit (it’s a kick, not a whip hit).
  • Fixed Elite Archer asynchronous attack anim.
  • Fixed asynchronous animations when a mob is slowed down (using frost weapons for example).
  • Fixed Wave of Denial being sometime resisted for no reason.
  • Fixed enemy bumps (like using Spartan or Wave of Denial) being resisted for no reason.
  • Fixed Spartan boots hit box (not hitting enemies that are too close from you).

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