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Dead Cells – 1.1.11 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Death Orb now inflicts more DPS and can deal more damage before exploding.
  • Death Orb now briefly stuns its victims on first hit.

Level design

  • Fixed LD issues (homonculus labyrinth, secrets, rooms in Sewers and Promenade of the Condemned,…)

Graphics & UI

  • Deprecated items no longer appear in Collector UI.

Music & Sfx

  • Added sfx on Spikes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed timed door achievement
  • Fixed ingame achievements not shown properly
  • Fixed Gastronomy mutation effect (now properly increases food effect by 100%, ie. x2).
  • Removed deprecated Sadism perk drop from Spikers
  • The Master of Arms mutation no longer works even if the mutation isn’t equipped.
  • Necromancy mutation value is now properly capped.
  • What doesn’t kill me mutation value is now properly capped.
  • Rampart shield no longer has diminishing return limits (which created strange issues).
  • Fixed BearTrap preventing some weapon affixes to work (like poisoning).
  • Fixed issues with the King’s hand being stuck if he changes phase when standing in spikes.
  • Fixed death cells bag.
  • Fixed Curse Label doesn’t show up after changing level.
  • Fixed toxic cloud timer

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