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Days Gone – 1.60 Patch Notes | Reset Zones

Reset Hordes, Ambush Camps, and Infestation Zones The option to reset Hordes, Ambush Camps, and Infestation Zones is live! Players can now fully reset all open world Hordes, Infestation Zones, and Amb...

Days Gone – 1.50 & 1.51 Patch Notes

1.51 Patch Notes Progression Blockers Stability improvements have been made to the mission “What’s A Nice Girl” General Fixes Players who achieved a gold rank in any of the challenges should now retai...

Days Gone – 1.40 & 1.41 Patch Notes | ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS

1.41 Patch Notes Weekly DLC Challenges “Reload” is the next free Horde DLC challenge! You have 3 minutes to take down 300 Freakers by utilizing your environment and a .50 BFG! (Unlocked on 8/23!) The ...

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Days Gone
Release Date:26.04.2019
Genre:3rd Person, Action, Adventure, Survival
Developed By:SIE Bend Studio
Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment

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