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Dawn of Man – 1.1.2 Patch Notes


AI Improvements
– AI will now feed Grain to animals if there is a large surplus of it (when compared to Straw).
– Animals and people now distribute themselves better among buildings when seeking shelter, instead of all flocking to the nearest one.

– When a savegame is loaded, all of it’s milestones are copied into the profile (this is useful when moving savegames between computers).
– When giving a command while carrying a heavy resource, the human will drop it unless the command requires it.
– When a command is given to a task that the player is already doing, the entity flashes green.
– Fixed issue that caused weapons recovered from raiders to be indestructible.
– Fixed issue allowing the player to set automatic production during tutorial when it shouldn’t.
– Some improvements and additional restrictions on bridge placement.
– Fixed glitch when swapping structure variant while placing it on an invalid location.
– Savegames from workshop scenarios can now be transferred to another computer and they will still work (as long as the scenario is present).
– Fixed issue where all Raiders had blonde hair and light skin color.

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