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CS:GO Pre Release Patch Notes for 25.06.2018

The following changes are now available for testing in the Panorama CS:GO Beta Depot for Windows users.

– Repeatedly tapping the bomb resets the defuse UI timer properly.
– While spectating the bomb defuser, switching to another player no longer plays the ‘defuse failed’ fade-out animation for the defuse UI.
– ‘Buy Menu’ and ‘Use’ key bindings and will now go back one level in the buy menu instead of always closing. This matches the old behavior.
– Fixed an issue with upper/lowercase letters in some languages.
– Fixed team select music continuing to play after a disconnect.
– Updated crosshair style 0 and 1 to match the scaleform versions better.
– Updated the gradient background of the health and ammo on the hud a bit.

– Chat:

— Added gradient backgrounds to hud chat panels and reduced drop-shadow for that text.
— The chat history window is now more translucent.

– Scoreboard:

— Added ability to choose scoreboard stat for sorting by clicking on label.
— Fixed issue with resetting of some stats when the match was restarted.
— Fixed round survivor pips panel getting cropped in certain resolutions.


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