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Black Desert Online – 22 July 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events]

  • Into the Unknown
    • Period: July 22 (after maintenance)–August 5 (before maintenance)
    • Event 1. A Mysterious Island
      • Visit Rulupee in Velia, who is waiting to give you quests to earn Contribution Points and unlock new adventures.
    • Event 2. Pit of the Undying
      • Complete the quests to enter Pit of the Undying to get Seal of the Undying which will be exchangeable at the Crow Shop.
  • [Web Event] Trail of Summer
    • Period: July 22 (after maintenance)–August 19 (before maintenance)
    • Was there ever a story nobody but you believed to be true? An unexpected adventure under the scorching sun and bright summer stars awaits. Solve the mysterious riddles left behind by an unknown man and follow his trail before the leads vanish.
  • [Promotion] Play for a Free Game Pass
    • Period: July 22 (after maintenance)–August 5 (before maintenance)
    • Black Desert Online will be available for free for during this 2 week period to anyone who has had their trial period run out or made an account but didn’t play the game.
    • In addition, for those of you who register during this time, your 7-day trial will become a 14-day trial!
    • This is a chance not only to try out the game for longer, but also to get a free game pass by reaching Lv. 50.
    • Sign-up now and enjoy plenty of time to live the full Black Desert Online experience!
  • [Tournament] Tuvala Invitational
    • Sign-up Period: July 27 (12:00 UTC)–August 10 (23:59 UTC)
      • Sign-up link will be available from the main website > Community tab next Monday July 27.
    • Season (PVP) Server Team Kills Event: August 3 (00:01 UTC)–August 9 (23:59 UTC).
    • Round-robin
      • [EU] August 17 (18:00 CEST / 16:00 UTC)
      • [NA] August 17 (17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT / Aug. 18 00:00 UTC)
    • Knockout
      • [EU] August 22 (16:00 CEST / 14:00 UTC)
      • [NA] August 22 (14:00 PDT / 17:00 EDT / 21:00 UTC)
    • Tuvala Invitational: The tournament will consist of 16 teams for each region, EU and NA. Players must use the characters on the Seasonal Server with the gear that they have acquired over the course of their adventure. Each match will be 3v3 and combatants will have a chance to change contestants after each round if they wish to.
    • Available soon: Click for full tournament details and rules.
  • Patrigio’s Shop Renewal
    • Period: July 22 (after maintenance)–July 29 (before maintenance)
    • During the event period, Patrigio will present new and changed offers in his secret shop.
    • Patrigio can be found in various regions like Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City. Search his name in the Find NPC window by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner of your screen.
      • Patrigio will only open up his shop from 10:00 PM–07:00 AM (in-game time).
      • Don’t forget, 50 energy will be consumed when you check his list of offers.
Item Name Change Made
Caphras Stone Bundle

(Contains Caphras Stone x10–20)

Caphras Stone Bundle

(Contains Caphras Stone x15–25)

Caphras Stone Bundle

(Contains Caphras Stone x20–30)

New addition
Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3

Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3

Large increase in chance of these items being offered
Black Stone (Armor) Bundle: 5 Chance of items being offered changed
Hard Black Crystal Shard

Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Sale stopped

[Ongoing Events]

  • Season Server Launch Events
    • Event 1: Summer Season Playtime Challenge: June 18–July 29 (23:59 UTC)

[Ended Events]

  • Black Spirit’s Adventure: UPGRADED
  • Black Stone Drop Rate Boost

[Reward Distribution]

  • N/A


Major Update: Crow’s Nest

On one pitch-black urban night, a Crow who already had both fortune and fame firmly in his grasps came up with his darkest venture yet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present to you: Pit of the Undying.

When we were coming up with this content, many things were going through our minds. Many of you have asked for more suspenseful, tactic-based PvE content. However, we had many stumbling blocks for adding this. This is because many of our classes do not have clearly defined roles, our game is in an action-packed hack and slash playstyle, and this game is an MMORPG with an open world of variables. How could we add this kind of content without going against the direction we have been developing Black Desert Online so far? We also didn’t want to distract from the fun of fighting bosses. Pit of the Undying is the result of all these considerations. We expect to add more diverse types of monsters to the pit of the Undying for you to challenge. We hope you enjoy this content and eagerly await your feedback.

  • Tranan Underfoe, the blacksmith of Velia, has a strange tale for you of an island somewhere in the Great Ocean. Many brave sailors have searched for Crow’s Nest, yet returned in failure. That is if they were lucky enough to return at all. Now, you will have a chance to search for this misty island shrouded in mystery. Chase after that tale and you will get to meet the owner and founder of the Crow Merchants Guild, the “First Crow” and gaze upon a display of some of his most valued treasures in the Hall of Heroes. You will also be able to participate in the Pit of the Undying, a battle arena steeped in secrets.
    • Crow’s Nest does not appear on the World Map, so you cannot use auto-navigation to guide you there.
  • Added the quest series [The Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest. It is available once per family, for a character that is at least Lv. 56.
    • You can check out the quest series under the Suggested tab of the Quests window, which will direct you to accept the first quest from the Black Spirit.
  • Added Crow Merchants Guild members to greet adventurers traveling the Great Ocean in search of Crow’s Nest.
  • Added a new category for Crow’s Nest related knowledge to the Knowledge (H) window.
  • If you do not have the Crow’s Invitation, you will not be able to access the Hall of Heroes deep in Crow’s Nest and you will not be able to meet the owner of Crow’s Nest, the “First Crow.” You can get the invitation by completing certain quests.
  • Opened the Pit of the Undying, the First Crow’s secret battle arena.
  • The Pit of the Undying is a battle arena created by the First Crow for fighters to face off against his carefully selected Crow’s Warriors in seemingly endless rounds of battles for glory.
  • If you die in the Pit of the Undying during the main Crow’s Nest quests, do not forfeit the quest but interact with Chorpy if you want a rematch.
    • As you succeed in the Pit of the Undying, you can collect Seal of the Undying items and get Undying Crow’s Insignia of a higher grade.
    • You will get your first Undying Crow’s Insignia after completing the quest series [The Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest.
    • As you get higher grade Undying Crow’s Insignia, the more Seal of the Undying items you will get from the Pit of the Undying.
      • Seal of the Undying is the key to the First Crow’s exclusive Crow Shop, which is only available at Crow’s Nest.
      • This exclusive Crow Shop will be available after a later update. 
  • To encourage Agris Fever point use at low-level monster zones, we have increased the amount of points in circulation by fivefold (e.g. instead of getting 3,000 points daily, you’ll get 15,000).
    • Therefore, the amount of Agris Fever points consumed at different monster zones have changed as well.
      • You will need relatively fewer points at low-level monster zones but will need the same relative amount of points as before at other monster zones.
    • Update available soon: you can see the Agris Fever points you need for monsters of each Monster Zone in the BDO Wiki entry for Agris Fever
  • Agris Fever now activates after you reach Lv. 56.
    • Once you reach Lv. 56, Agris Fever will automatically activate even if you have not completed the adventure log “Book of Margahan.” At this point, you will recover 15,000 Agris Fever points a day but you can only hold a maximum of 50,000 points at a time.
    • If you have completed “Book of Margahan” you will have the benefit of  being able to recover 20,000 points a day and hold a maximum of 100,000 points at  a time.
  • Changed the rewards for completing the adventure log “Book of Margahan” as below.
Book of Margahan Vo. 1 Reward
Chapter 1 Max Agris Fever points +5,000
Chapter 2 Max Agris Fever points +5,000
Chapter 3 Max Agris Fever points +5,000
Chapter 4 Max Agris Fever points +10,000
Chapter 5 Junk item drop amount +50% (When consuming Agris Fever points)
Book of Margahan Vo. 2 Reward
Chapter 6 Max Agris Fever points +5,000
Chapter 7 Daily Agris Fever point recovery +2,500
Chapter 8 Max Agris Fever points +10,000
Chapter 9 Daily Agris Fever point recovery +2,500
Chapter 10 Max Agris Fever points +10,000
  • Saving Skill Preset will now also save cooldown slot and quick slot information.
  • Reset the number of total likes for all chat groups.
    • If you own either a gold, silver, or bronze tier Black Spirit icon you will receive a temporary title for 90 days for your diligent participation.
    • “Hall of Adventurers” in the chart below refers to any one of the 19 chat groups with that name.
Chat Group Gold Tier Silver Tier Bronze Tier
Lunar Halo Inn Protector of Newbies Luminary of Newbies Herald of Newbies
Dancing Marlin Tavern Oh Captain, My Captain Reliable First Mate Hardworking Steerer
Battle Arena Fist of Legend Born to Fight Backstreet Fighter
Hystria Ruins Relentless Slayer Perceptive Hunter Clever Tracker
Florin Neighborhood Meeting Touch of Midas Crafty Diligent Life Skiller
Garnier Troupe Virtuoso Genius Composer Rhapsodist
*Hall of Adventurers Pathfinder Role Model Mentor

*You will get only one gold tier title even if you have a gold tier Black Spirit icon in more than one Hall of Adventurers chat group, since there is only one gold tier title for that category of chat group. Of course, if you have a combination of gold, silver, or bronze tier Black Spirit icons in the Hall of Adventurers chat groups, you will get multiple titles.

[Updated during the July 8 maintenance]

  • Added an alert that appears 15 minutes before the Thousand Years War begins and extended the war by 10 minutes.
  • You can no longer use the Greet function in Papuraora and Crioniak.
  • Added season character exclusive regional quests to certain monster zones in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan. There will be two quests per monster zone.
    • These quests will be automatically accepted when you enter the monster zone if you have met the quest acceptance requirements. There will be a tally of the relevant monsters you have defeated on the right side of the screen and once you have defeated enough you will be rewarded with useful items.
    • There will be a level requirement based on the difficulty of each monster zone. The reward you will get will also vary depending on the difficulty of the monster zone.
Monster Zone Level Requirement
Bashim Base Lv. 56
Desert Naga Temple Lv. 56
Titium Valley Lv. 56
Cadry Ruins Lv. 57
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Lv. 57
Crescent Shrine Lv. 57
Fadus Habitat Lv. 57
Polly’s Forest Lv. 58
Sherekhan Necropolis Lv. 60
Blood Wolf Settlement Lv. 60
  • Changed the name of “Season Challenges” to “Season Pass.”
  • Fixed the issue where the button for completing the quest “[Enhancement] Even Finer Tuvala Vambrace I” did not appear when interacting with Fughar the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager if a TET level Vambrace was equipped or in your inventory.


  • Changed the dialogue with Lisam and Kalix, who sells Old Moon Sky Balloon Boarding Tickets.
  • Fixed the issue where your character name moved down in the screen after mounting an Epheria Cog.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where donkeys did not stop auto-navigation after being stuck in the same place for a certain amount of time.

[By Class]

  • Made the transition from awakening to main weapon after using certain awakening skills smoother.
  • Changed Black Spirit: Sanctitas de Enslar’s skill demo to more accurately demonstrate the skill.
  • [Succession] Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal did not activate correctly after using Teleport or Magical Evasion.
  • [Succession] Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal did not activate correctly after using Teleport or Magical Evasion.
  • Added text to the descriptions of trade items about where to get them.
  • Added explanations about how to use Pearl Shop discount coupons to the item description of coupons that can be used in all Pearl Shop categories, similar to the explanation in the descriptions of other Pearl Shop coupons.
  • Added details on what you can get from opening the Succession Classic Box in its item description.
  • Al Rhundi will start fighting sooner after appearing during the quest [Boss] The Head of the Rebels.
  • Changed the AP and max HP of Shultz Guard Gladiator monsters to befit the difficulty of the overall Shultz Guard monster zone.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of EXP gained from defeating monsters near Cron Castle was abnormal.
  • Cyclops, who needs to be defeated during quests such as “Retrieve the Sealing Stone,” will now appear as a boss on the minimap.
  • Fixed the issue where damage lagged behind the forward spin attack motions made by the Dark Rift monster Steel Nux.
  • Fixed the issue where damage lagged behind certain attack motions made by the Dark Rift monster Ahib Griffon.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound effects made by the Dark Rift monster Ruins Guard Tower echoed.
  • Fixed the issue where the second and third wave of monsters were summoned to the wrong spot after you defeated the first wave of monsters if there was another adventurer in the Kratuga Ancient Ruins but in a different room.


  • Changed the way the Wounded Delphe Knight follows you during the quest “Operation Breakthrough” to be more natural.
  • Added explanatory dialogue from the Black Spirit to the Main Quest widget for the Calpheon main quest “The Ritual.”
  • The quest “Horse Emblem: Secret Guard’s Horse” is now one of the Calpheon main quests.
    • Since this quest is only available once per family, once it has been completed it will automatically be skipped.
  • Changed the duration of the “Trina’s Will” buff, which you get as a quest reward for “Basic Treatment of Prisoners,” from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed the unnatural camera angle that occurs when interacting with Martha Kiyen of Calpheon Shrine.
  • Changed the quest completion NPC for the Calpheon main quest “Trust Nobody” to Likke Behr, who will be at the Hexe Sanctuary.
  • Changed level requirement for accepting the quest “[Valencia] In Search of the Eastern Sand Kingdom” to Lv. 56.
  • Made monsters unable to interrupt the quest dialogue for “A Wound that Starts to Heal.”
  • Improved the Calpheon main quests to reward players with a greater amount of HP Potion (Medium).
  • Fixed the incorrect conditions for accepting the quests to unlock Shai’s talent in the Quest (O) window.
  • Added a button to the lower part of the Inventory window that appears when enhancing an item. This button allows you to unequip your gear immediately without having to exit the Enhancement window.
  • Added a line break to the part of the Lakiaro minigame window displaying what stage you are in.
  • Fixed the graphical issues with the Black Spirit’s Rage and HP gauge bars in the Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the graphical issues with the Agris Fever icon.
  • Fixed the graphical issues with certain backdrops in the Hall of Heroes.
  • Fixed the issue where certain structures looked unnatural in the following places.
    • Crescent Mountains
    • Rumbling Land
    • North Kaia Mountain
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the horoscope descriptions would disappear during character customization.
  • Fixed the issue where Magic Crystal of Abundance – Armor was listed as an item which drops from Witch’s Chapel and Hexe Sanctuary in the Item Drop window.
  • Fixed the following windows’ design and layout.
    • BDO Wiki
    • Crafting Notes
    • Hotkey Help
    • Guild Rank
    • War Hero Ranking
    • Altar of Blood Ranking
    • Beauty Album
    • Photo Gallery
    • Global Lab (Only available for our NA region)
    • Black Spirit’s Adventure
    • License Agreement
  • Added an effect in the Equipment window to distinguish gear that have expired and lost their effects.
  • Fixed the issue where the notification alerting of missing materials overlapped with certain buttons after trying to safe enhance Naru gear with Cron Stones.
  • Fixed the issue where your mouse cursor was invisible when using the Traveler’s Map or Archaeologist’s Map via a hotkey.
  • The types of ship gear and appearance slot icons that appear in the Ship Info window will now depend on the type of ship (big or small) you have.
  • Fixed the issue where Quick Slots did not reset properly after loading a Skill Preset to change between Succession and Awakening via the Skill (K) window.
  • Fixed the issue where it appeared that changing between Succession and Awakening was not successful if you logged in with another PC after the change.
  • Fixed the issue where the high and low notes composed for Beginner Flute in the Compose & Play content did not play correctly.
  • [Warrior] Fixed graphical glitches with Grotevant Armor and Goyen Helmet that occured around the neck regions in combat stance.
  • [Striker] Fixed the issue where the item description of Darkbane Classic Set did not appear correctly.
  •  [Mystic] Fixed the graphical glitches with white spots appearing on Lupine Outfit after it was dyed.
  • [Mystic] Fixed the graphical glitches with the right shoulder that occured when sitting with the Lupine Outfit on.
  • Fixed the issue where Pirash didn’t want to move from certain areas of Sycraia Underwater Ruins.
  • [Female Classes] Fixed the graphical issue that occured when wearing the Coco Hat with a ponytail.
  • [Guardian] Fixed the issue where certain skill descriptions said “Required MP” instead of “Required WP.”
  • Fixed the Guild Auction House window to display the correct maximum number of pages for that window.
  • Fixed the issue where you could turn the page of the Guild Auction House window even if the following page was empty.
  • Fixed the issue where certain pets’ graphical effects weren’t displayed in the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • We are aware of the issue where the Looking for Adventurers quest description mentions an item (Dim Magical Armor) which you will no longer receive upon completion of the quest.

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