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Black Desert Online – 22.05.2019 Patch Notes | Call of the Ocean

The human world is a mess, life under the sea is better than anything they got up there, that is why adventurers should visit the new Underwater Ruins available to explorers from today! Along with this, a new watery event will start that will allow players to complete special quests in this new zone for exquisite rewards!

And for those Rulupee fans out there, new Rulupee quests have been added to the game. Complete as many quests as possible to get special rewards!

Enjoy the new expansion and remember that under the sea we got no troubles, life is bubbles!

[New Events]

  • Call of the Ocean event will start.
    • Event Period: May 22 after maintenance – June 19 before maintenance.
    • Accept and complete special quests, and collect and exchange items from the underwater ruins for exquisite rewards!
  • Special Attendance Rewards will be offered.
    • Event Period: May 23 00:00 UTC – June 12 23:59 UTC
    • Log-in every day and claim special attendance rewards!
Day Attendance Reward
1 Advice of Valks +20 x1
2 Blackstone (Armor) x10
3 Memory Fragment x5
4 Advice of Valks +25 x1
5 Hard Black Crystal Shard x3
6 Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3
7 Advice of Valks +30 x1
8 Blackstone (Armor) x10
9 Advice of Valks +35 x1
10 Memory Fragment x5
11 Hard Black Crystal Shard x3
12 Advice of Valks +40 x1
13 Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3
14 Advice of Valks +50 x1
  • Special Challenges (Y) will be offered.
    • Event Period: May 23 00:00 UTC – June 5 23:59 UTC
Hours played Reward
1 hr. [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x1
2 hrs. [Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x1
3 hrs. [Event] Shakatu’s Seal x1

※ You can get up to [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x14, [Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x14, and [Event] Shakatu’s Seal x14 if you claim all possible rewards during the 2-week event period.

[Ongoing Events]

  • Starry Night: May 15 after maintenance – May 29 before maintenance.
  • Hands of Gold Returns: May 8 after maintenance – June 5 before maintenance.
  • 2019 Spring Video Contest:
    • Staff Pick: May 20 – 22.
    • Community Vote: May 22 – 29.
    • Winner Announcement: May 30.

[Reward Distribution]

  • Rewards have been sent to the Winners of the Community Event: Create your own Easter Egg. Please check your in-game mailbox (B) to claim your reward.


  • Underwater Ruins have been added.
    • There will be 3 new areas to explore: Protty Cave, Sycraia Upper Zone, and Sycraia Abyssal Zone which you need to sail out and dive underwater to reach.
    • Featuring brand new enemy types and powerful items for you to acquire, the Underwater Ruins also adds a new summonable boss named Sycrid.
    • Please find the details on the Underwater Ruins via the official Wiki below (Only available in English):
      • Protty Cave
      • Sycraia Upper Zone
      • Sycraia Abyssal Zone
  • A new Rulupee’s Travel Log entry has been added. It is about her travels underwater.
    • You can read all about brave Rulupee’s travels in ESC Menu > Adventure Log > Rulupee’s Travel Log.
    • Every time a quest is completed (except for Daily and Recurring Quests), it will count towards the goal of completing a certain number of quests. The goal for this new entry of Rulupee’s Travel Log is completing 19,235 quests.
    • Once you complete the goal, you will not only get the reward mentioned on the travel log, but also one from the Black Spirit.


  • NPC Zawoon at Zagam Island has been fixed to act more naturally.
  • Following NPC name has been changed as below.
    • Imperial Trade -> Imperial Guild Trade
  • The speed at which a wagon moves when its Power/Lifespan has been completely consumed has been increased by 200%.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Communicate” button would not be displayed on certain Tier 1-8 horses.
  • After May 29 regular maintenance, any Mount that are placed in restricted areas that cannot be accessed in a normal route (Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Aakman Temple, Sycraia Underwater Ruins) will be forcefully killed or destroyed.
    • Please remove your mounts that are placed in these restricted areas before May 29 maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[All Classes]

  • Optimized the visual and sound effects of other Adventurers.
    • The effects of other Adventurers will not be as intense as before. (Lighter)
  • Fixed an issue where the character would move awkwardly when trying to swim by pressing RMB while underwater.
  • Fixed an issue where players in the tutorial phase who were Lv. 5 or below were not visible to other players.

[By Class]

  • Fixed an issue where the quiver would not be displayed in a combat stance when equipped with the [Ranger] Stella Longbow.
  • Added information in the skill description for “Protected Area” about the number of allies affected by the skill.
  • Added information in the skill description for “Protected Area” about the number of allies affected by the skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the twister effect would not be displayed when using the Absolute: Nemesis Slash skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s facial expression was unnatural when using the social actions below.
    • Narcissist
    • Flirt
    • Fighting Spirit
    • Confident
  • Enhanced the ways metallic items look for certain cash shop items.
  • The stats for certain Dim Magical Sub-weapons and Concentrated Magical Sub-weapons (Dagger, Trinket, Talisman) have been changed to be the same for all classes.
  • The name of Elion’s Tear which is purchasable with loyalties has been changed to ‘[Loyalty] Elion’s Tear’.
  • You can now obtain the “Trace of Wave” items from the following Elite monsters at Pirate Island.
    • Cox Pirates
    • Cox Elite Warrior
    • Deck Elite Combatant
    • Cox Elite Gladiator
    • Elite Sentinel
  • Fixed an issue where an exploration node from which you cannot obtain the Dried Dolphinfish was displayed in the Crafting Notes (F2) for Dried Dolphinfish.
  • Fixed an issue where there was incorrect information about certain Exchange NPC’s in the item descriptions for the Horse Race Seal item.
  • Fixed an issue where the outlines of items at the Pearl Shop (F3) would look unnatural when viewing their previews.
  • Added descriptions of certain Life Clothes explaining that they can be exchanged by the Equipment Tailoring Coupon.
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for the Lahr Arcien Classic Set would say that certain classes could obtain the items when they actually could not.
  • The names for the Crimson Knight Outfit Set have been changed.
    • Crimson Knight A: Crimson Shadow Knight
    • Crimson Knight B: Crimson Knight
  • Following monster’s name has been changed.
    • Before: Rhutum Chief Priest
    • After: Rhutum Chief Shaman


  • Enhanced the legibility of the quest list’s order and titles displayed on the Recommended tab within the Quest window (O).
  • When going through the quests below, these quests will now properly reflect changes made to the Hotkeys.
    • The quest summary for the “Do as Ordered”.
    • The quest summary for the “Gathering Sunrise Herb”.
    • The quest completion conditions for the “Lovers’ Secret”.
    • The quest completion conditions for the “What Are They Talking About?”.
    • The quest summary and completion conditions for the “Late King’s Desire for Eternity”.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dim Magical Ra’ghon was displayed as a Noble Sword in dialogues.


  • The hint for obtaining the “Caphras’ Seal” knowledge has been revised to show accurate information.
  • When you change the hair or face type in the customization window (F4), there will now be a warning message which warns that your hair or face type will reset.
  • You can now control the scroll button in the chat window even when the chat options window is open.
  • Fixed the issue where the mount information’s weight was incorrect when searching for ships at the Wharf.
  • Fixed the issue where the Quest Summary text would overlap in the situations below:
    • When you bring the mouse cursor on top of the quest icon in the World Map.
    • When you bring the mouse cursor over the Complete Quest area in the minimap.
  • The information you save for Combat Focus Mode will now be displayed properly when loading the information.
  • Fixed the issue where the creator name for items would be incorrectly displayed (or disappear) when equipping PEN items.
  • When you enter an outfit and then remove it from the Outfit Extraction feature, the slot from where you removed the item from will no longer display the item information.
  • When you are successful in a Fishing minigame, the minigame UI will now disappear.
  • Fixed the issue where the Node Management button would not be displayed when you select the Trade button on a Trade NPC while nodes are not connected.
  • The “Sell All” button which appears when a bargain is successful in the Bargain window for Trading has been changed to the Remastered design.
  • The button for calling boat mounts will no longer be displayed in the guild mount list.
  • Fixed the issue where the list button on the bottom of the Item Drop Information window would look unnatural.
  • The mount UI will now refresh on the Guild Wharf.
  • The tooltip which shows the time remaining for cash item buffs have been revised to be consistent, and added buff descriptions to the Appearance Change Coupon.
  • Fixed the issue where pressing the “ESC” or “F4” key while the Save File/Load File window was activated (for customizations) would close the customization window.
  • When extracting Reform Stones, you can no longer select within your inventory the equipment which have been enhanced with Caphras Stones.
  • The Reward Log will be displayed by default within the Black Spirit’s Safe.
  • When you go on another adventurer’s Ship, there was an issue where the UI for the ship would not disappear even when the Ship is not in view. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where a notification would appear on the garden icon on the top left of the screen even when only a Scarecrow was installed on the garden.
  • Fixed an issue where certain video clips and situations (or UI) occasionally did not close normally (Lv. 1 introduction clip, Beauty Album, Black Spirit’s Adventure, skill video clips).
  • Renamed the main “Outfit” tab of the Pearl shop to “Apparel.” Under Apparel, you can access the Outfit, Costume, Underwear, and Accessory categories. Because of this, some items have been renamed as follows.
    • Renamed the item Patrigio’s Costume Bag to Patrigio’s Apparel Bag.
    • Renamed “Outfit” DC Coupons to “Apparel” DC coupons (e.g. Outfit 20% DC Coupon has been renamed to Apparel 20% DC Coupon).

[Announcement on Weapon Exchange Coupons]

The items with identical grade and name which can be exchanged using the Weapon Exchange Coupon will now have identical prices, by averaging out the price difference between the most and least expensive items in current Central Market.

During the maintenance of May 8th, we implemented purchase limit on the Weapon Exchange Coupon to once per Family. This was implemented as a countermeasure against those who attempt to make great profit quickly by taking advantage of the liquidity of the Central Market with the Weapon Exchange Coupon.

As a result, this type of market manipulation has harmed the way the market is meant to be used. First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for not foreseeing the negative effects of lifting the Weapon Exchange Coupon purchase limitations.

Also, in addition to allowing all adventurers to freely use the Weapon Exchange Coupon like before, we are planning on implementing the below actions to fundamentally prevent the abuse of the Weapon Exchange Coupon.

The prices of the items which are exchangeable with the Weapon Exchange Coupon will be priced at the same level. The unified prices will be based on the average of the current items of the identical grade and name at the Central Market. The one time per Family purchase limit on the Weapon Exchange Coupon will be removed.

We will be more careful going forward and will try our best to prevent these types of issues. Thank You.

  • The one time per Family purchase restrictions for the Weapon Exchange Coupon will be removed after the maintenance on May 22nd.
  • The set prices for the Main/Sub/Awakening weapons at the Central Market will now be adjusted together.
    • Ex) The set prices for the equipment with the same type such as Azwell Longsword, Staff, and Kriegsmesser will be adjusted together.
    • Ex) The set prices for the equipment of the same grades will be adjusted together (Kite Shield, Parrying Dagger, etc.)
  • You can now register green grade items of certain enhancement levels at the Central Market, after you obtain them while defeating monsters in a party.
  • The quantity displayed on the top right of the Sell window’s “Sell” button, and on the top right of the Status window’s “Items Listed” button at the Central Market will now display the proper amount.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would fall in certain areas of the Manshaum Forest.
  • Fixed the issue where characters were unable to go up a ladder at the roads of the Eastern Border.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound volume would change to 0 when you exited a dungeon in the “The Ritual” quest (Calpheon main quest) while a cut scene was playing.
  • We are aware of the graphical issue where the NPC Center of the Ruins is not being properly displayed while progressing through the quest The God of the Protties. We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue will be resolved next maintenance.
  • We are aware of the graphical issue where the motion of receiving damage from the skill Dragon’s Rip of Mystic while the character is jumping appears abnormal. This will be resolved soon.
  • We are aware of the issue where you can not check the Level and Special skill of a Fairy or Pet taken out after reconnecting to game client.
    • This can be resolved by checking in and taking out your Pet or unsummoning and summoning Fairy again for the time being.

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