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Black Desert Online – 22.01.2020 Patch Notes | Guardian Launch Events

[New Events]

  • Guardian Launch Events
    • Event 1. Level up your Guardian
      • Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, simply level up your Guardian and claim your rewards via the Challenges (Y) tab!
    • Event 2. Special Boosts
      • Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (23:59 UTC)
      • Enjoy Mount EXP +50% and drop rate boost on Black Stones.
    • Event 3. Eternal Winter Enhancement
      • Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
      • Enhance then exchange Necklace of Eternal Winter for big rewards.
    • Event 4. Guardian EXP Share Event
      • Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
      • Tag your Guardian with a sub-character. It will gain all of the amount of the EXP your Guardian (main character) obtains (excluding EXP boosts) until your sub-character is at 99% of Lv. 59.
  • Toshi’s Request
    • Period: January 22 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
    • Bring lots of Marni’s Stones for Wacky Toshi and get rewards in return!

[Ongoing Events]

  • Guardian Pre-creation Events
    • Event 2: Customize & Win: January 15 (after maintenance)–January 29 (09:00 UTC)
    • Rewards will be sent with February 5th maintenance.
  • Succession of Events: Dark Knight: January 15 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
  • Black Spirit’s Adventure: UPGRADED: January 15 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
  • Winter Wonderland
    • Event 1: Let it Snow: January 9 (00:00 UTC)–January 29 (23:59 UTC)
  • Finding Mysterious Knight
    • Period: November 27 (after maintenance)–February 5 (before maintenance)
    • End date for the event has been decided. Find the Mysterious Knight for your Skill EXP +100% before he disappears!

[Ended Events]

  • Guardian Pre-creation Events
    • Take your Whispering Frost Crystal to NPC Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe and exchange it for something special!
  • Pre-registration for Guardian
  • Winter Wonderland
    • Event 2: DIY Snowman
  • Grab the Mysterious Axe

[Reward Distribution]

  • Guardian Pre-registration (for subscribing to the newsletter) rewards have been sent via your Account > Coupon in the main website. Please log in and claim your rewards
    • Steam players can receive their rewards via ESC > Community > Redeem menu.
  • Guardian Pre-creation Events
    • Create & Win!: Guardian Pre-creation rewards have been sent straight into your Guardian character’s Inventory (I). Please check your inventory for rewards.
  • Succession Slow-Mo Contest
    • Rewards for winners have been sent! Please check fun and awesome slow-mo videos here.
    • Don’t miss on the second part of slow-mo contest with additional class successions to arrive later. More details will be shared soon.


  • You can now immediately enter the Altar of Blood only when you have finished the relevant level and the one before it (e.g. if you have knowledge of levels 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10, you can immediately enter levels 1, 2, 6, 7, 10).
  • Added new scrolls which are now available at the Campsite.
    • New scrolls will be available for the Campsite you can obtain for free as well.

The newly added [Camp] Adventurer’s Luck has been created to provide you a wider variety of options based on the purpose of hunting rather than to guarantee you the profitability of hunting.

The effects of this scroll can stack with the effects of other Item Collection Increase Scroll items. However, you should always consider the amount of Silver that must be paid in order to maintain the buff.

Unlike the effect of an Item Collection Increase Scroll, the Item Drop Rate Increase effect does not increase the number of looted goods, but increases the rate at which you obtain items. So depending on the situation, one could be a better option than the other.

  • Newly added buffs are as follows.
Buff Buff Effect Price
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck I Item Drop Rate +10% (60 min) 10,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck II Item Drop Rate +20% (60 min) 20,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck III Item Drop Rate +30% (60 min) 30,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck IV Item Drop Rate +40% (60 min) 40,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck V Item Drop Rate +50% (60 min) 50,000,000
  • The [Camp] Adventurer’s Luck buff can stack with other buffs.
  • Changed the item description for the Adventurer’s Confidence Scroll as follows.
    • The above effects do not stack with that of Villa Scrolls.
  • Reduced the amount of Parley consumed when exchanging Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square at Wandering Merchant Ship.

[Game World]

  • Fixed the location of the Exploration Point in the southwest of Grána.


  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t complete the following quests because some NPCs were invisible.
    • [Repeat] People Looking For An Inn
    • Her Secretive Request
  • Added a button with which you can obtain the knowledge of Jarette Domongatt or Horio Tinya.
  • Added a button with which you can obtain the knowledge of Crucio Domongatt after completing the quest “Confronting Jordine.”

[By Class]

  • Fixed the graphical issue with the left hair of the Khaled Ornamental Knot that occurred when in combat mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the head looked awkward when you applied a certain hair customization after equipping the Solaria Helmet.
  • Applied the remastered effect to Lahn’s Awakening skills
  • Camera effects will no longer be applied to the skills used during the Black Spirit Training.
  • Camera effects will no longer be applied to the skills used during the Black Spirit Training.
  • Guardian out now!
  • Changed the conditions for using the Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon as follows.
    • Before: Cannot be used by a character within 30 days of the class’s release.
    • Now: Cannot be used by a character within 30 days of the class’s awakening release.
  • Given the changes in the conditions for using the Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon, a related text was added to the item description.
  • Added 10 types of Marni’s Stone sold by Wacky Toshi.
    • Marni’s Stone (Crescent Shrine)
    • Marni’s Stone (Basilisk)
    • Marni’s Stone (Pila Ku)
    • Marni’s Stone (Navarn Steppe)
    • Marni’s Stone (Manshaum)
    • Marni’s Stone II (Crescent Shrine)
    • Marni’s Stone II (Basilisk)
    • Marni’s Stone II (Pila Ku)
    • Marni’s Stone II (Navarn Steppe)
    • Marni’s Stone II (Manshaum)
  • Decreased the difficulty of the Horse capturing minigame which can be played when capturing a horse.


  • NPCs will no longer exchange High-Quality Wines for Energy Recovery.

We have removed the feature in which you could recover your Energy by giving High-Quality Wines a Cooking Merchant sells to an Inn NPC.

This feature used to be a hidden way of getting a small reward by interacting with an NPC, but different from the time when BDO first started, the price of a High-Quality Wine is now affordable and consequently this item has become a way through which one can constantly recover Energy with Silver.

It was not an easy decision to make, since this feature was used by many players. However, preserving the value of various Energy-related contents such as Gathering, Conversation, and Secret Shop was more important to us. We hope you will understand our decision

We will continue making our best efforts to study and improve even the smallest feature in our game that may affect the value of the game’s content.

Thank you for your understanding.

※ Please note that Silver that equals the number of High-Quality Wine you possessed x200,000 has been sent to your in-game mailbox.

Also, the option to purchase High-Quality Wine from NPCs is back.

  • The NPC-to-complete-quest of the quest “Where is the last glass shard?” will still be visible even when the Hide Certain NPCs option is applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the price at which a worker had been sold appeared incorrectly when this worker’s level was increased by the buyer before the seller collected the Silver for the completed trade.
  • The order of the “Processing Knowledge List” from Processing UI – Imperial Cuisine will now be organized based on Cooking level, from high to low (e.g. Guru – Master – Artisan – Professional – and so on).
  • Fixed the issue where setting the Preset Quick Hotkey from Edit UI and running the UI settings reduced the Chat window to its minimum size.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera movement effect sometimes did not work when interacting with an NPC.
  • Added a button with which you can open the Barter Information window from the Load Cargo UI.
    • Press this button to see the Barter list when loading a ship.
  • Fixed the issue where Central Market prices did not appear in the item tooltip.
  • Pressing the Tab key from the chat input box will no longer switch the Chat tab.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chat tab disappeared when enabling and disabling Combat Focus Mode from Interface Edit Mode after having added the Chat UI tab.
  • Fixed the issue where the Receive button appeared abnormally when opening a town’s transport status after having checked those towns with completed status.
  • Increased the time for which the banner that appears on the right bottom of the screen is visible.
  • Fixed the issue where Quick Hotkeys could be used in the death screen.
  • Fixed the issue where characters bled out of the Pet UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit’s dialogue was abnormal when the quest acceptance UI appeared after the Black Spirit window had appeared automatically.
  • Fixed the issue where animation would appear in certain situations even when having checked the “Skip Animation” box in the Forge’s Extraction window.
  • Fixed the issue where the PK penalty description icon was displayed on the death screen when your character died during a Conquest War.
  • Fixed the issue where the Promotion feature did not work properly when promoting a worker in the Worker List window.
  • Fixed the issue where an awkward text appeared on the bottom of the Recover All Workers window when opening this window after having set the Town and Grade in the Manage Workers window.
  • While closing the Manage Workers window, you won’t be able to change to Sticker UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue from the Barter window where the filtered Item Grade Color did not match the Item Grade Color in the list.
  • Fixed the issue where the last page of the Fish Guide didn’t get updated properly.
  • Fixed the issue where you were moved to Weita Island when escaping from Iliya Island.
  • Fixed the location of the monsters that were stuck in certain areas of the following regions.
    • Star’s End
    • Sycraia (Abyssal Zone)
  • Fixed the issue where unnatural structures were located in certain areas of Margoria Sea.
  • Fixed the issue where the trees looked awkward in certain regions.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t place furniture at Noble Quarter 2-4, 1F and 2F residences in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed the issue where starting the navigation near Macalod Hill made you go around a long way.
  • Fixed the issue where the Ocean Navigation settings reset when reconnecting to the game.
  • Fixed the incorrect item description for the Horse Emblem: Tier 7 White Horse (Female) item.

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