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Black Desert Online – 19.06.2019 Patch Notes | Shai Pre-creation

[New Events]

  • Shai Pre-creation
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – June 26 before maintenance
    • During the event period, simply create a Shai in-game in the Character Creation window to get rewards including [Event] Peek-a-Boo Black Spirit Cube Earring, Inventory Slot +8 Expansion Coupon, and Weight Limit +50LT!
      • Please make sure to NOT DELETE Shai Pre-creation character before the official release in order to receive the rewards.
  • Donkey See, Donkey Do
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – June 26 before maintenance
    • Complete quests to learn about donkeys and have a chance to win one of the new, special donkeys.
  • Customize & Win event is back!
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – July 3 before maintenance
    • Shai Customization Contest is here so get ready to show us your artistic talent to win brand new apparel for Shai!
      • Please don’t forget to save your progress! Save your templates before clicking [Creation Complete].
  • Play for a Free Game Pass
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – July 10 before maintenance
    • Reach Lv. 50 and play 7 days during the event period to get a free game pass!
      • You cannot participate in the event if you already own a game pass of any kind.
  • Buy 5,000 Kakao Cash to get a Free Explorer’s Package
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – July 10 before maintenance
    • If your accumulate purchase of Kakao Cash exceeds 5,000 during the event period, you will receive Explorer’s Package or Upgrade Bundles to turn your current game pass into an Explorer’s!
      • This special promotion is available only to users who do not own any game passes or to users who own Starter’s Package or Traveler’s Package.
  • As a continuation from last week’s promotion, the monsters from the regions below will now appear twice as fast after they die for this week.
    • Event Period: June 19 after maintenance – June 26 before maintenance
      • Mediah – Manes Hideout, Wandering Rogue Den
      • Kamasylvia – Polly’s Forest, Navarn Steppe
      • Valencia – Titium Valley, Cadry Ruins, Waragon Nest, Centaurus Herd, Pila Ku Jail
      • Drieghan – Blood Wolf Settlement, Sherekhan Necropolis (day)
      • Other – Protty Cave, Sycraia Underwater Ruins (upper zone)

[Developer’s Comment]

We are working on revamping monster zones to resolve the need for more zones to play in. However, since a revamp cannot be done in a short amount of time, we’ve decided to increase the monster respawn rate of some of the zones. Our initial plan was to have weekly events with different zones affected each week, but decided to include last week’s zones to this week’s event so that more adventurers can experience it. We promise we’ll do our best to revamp the monster zones.

[Ongoing Events]

  • Traces of the Black Spirit: June 5 after maintenance – June 26 before maintenance.
  • Community Event: Art of Thrones: May 31 – July 8
    • Submission period: Until the 24th of June 10:00 UTC
  • SNS event: June 8 – June 26 before maintenance (3 weeks)
    • Winners Announcement: June 27

[Ended Events]

  • Call of the Ocean
  • Black Spirit’s Adventure 1
  • The monsters from the regions below will no longer appear twice as fast after they die.
    • Mediah: Shultz Guard, Hasrah Ancient Ruins
    • Valencia: Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine, Aakman Temple
    • Kamasylvia: Forest Ronaros

[Reward Distribution]

  • The following rewards for the event Operation Guild Support will be distributed with June 26 maintenance.
    • [Guild] Ship License: Galley
    • Guild Funds of 3 or 7 billion
    • Special Titles (Crimson Vanguard, Crimson Conqueror, Crimson Legion, Blood Lord).


  • Shai pre-creation is available.
    • Create and customize your own Shai before the official launch and get cool rewards. Check above for Shai-related events!


  • The Transport system has been revamped.

[Developer’s Comment]

The existing transport system had wagons (ships) traveling around the world and adventurers had to place their goods on these wagons (ships) under reservation to a desired destination. Thus, you had to wait for these to arrive to where you are, even when you’ve made a transport reservation. However, we were also aware that  transportation system had a few intermittent issues where transport didn’t start and items did not arrive correctly.

This system has now been improved so that you can have the transport with your goods depart whenever you want them to.


  • The transport system where goods could begin transporting only when the wagons arrive has been changed as below.
    • Up to 5 transport methods are available per family, which could be used to transport goods at anytime you want.
    • A transport method cannot be used again until its goods have been collected.
    • Transport will begin 5 minutes after you press the transport button in the Transport UI.
    • You can add or remove items before the transport begins. Once the process begins, you cannot add goods or cancel.
  • Same items can now be placed in the same slot and the weight limit has been increased.
Before After
Number of Slots 100 slots 20 slots per transport method
Weight 50LT per slot, total 5000LT 1500LT per transport method
Stacks Divided to another slot when

exceeding the slot weight limit

Same items are

stacked in one slot

  • Trade Goods cannot be transported anymore with this function.
  • There are total 5 transport wagons; you can send up to 100 slots of items or 7500 LT of weight all at once if you send all 5 transport wagons.
  • Transport cost calculation has been changed.
Before After
Cost calculated by item slots

Even if the item weight is 0.1LT,

if it takes up a slot,

you are charged for the entirety of the slot.

Cost calculated by weight
  • Ex) Previously, transporting cost for 1 Black Stone would’ve been for 50LT of the slot, but after the patch, the cost will be for the weight of 1 Black Stone, which is 0.35LT.
  • More towns are now available for transport.
    • All towns except for Port Ratt, Arehaza Town, and Muiquun Town are now available for transport.
    • All transports before the patch have been moved to Heidel with their status changed to complete.
  • You can now interact with NPCs while riding a donkey, horse, camel, miniature elephant, or heilang.
    • Interactions are only available during mount standby and walking. Interaction is not available during Horseback Combat.
    • Interaction (R) that require change of motion such as greeting is not possible while mounted.

[Developer’s Comment]

Tamers can also make interactions while on their Heilangs.

Keep in mind that you still need to be off a mount to do interactions that require change of motion, such as greeting or stealing.

  • Temporary save function has been added to Customization (F4).
    • You can now continue your previous customization even when the game shuts down during customization.
  • Optimized certain effects to decrease file size.
  • Fixed the issue where some Pearl Boxes could not be used right away in the Pearl Shop after purchase.
  • Fixed the storage silver to be updated according to the Central Market’s current prices.
  • Fixed the issue where the client would sometimes shut down when there is an underscore (_) in the customization file name.

[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where characters were unable to get out of certain areas of the Mirumok Ruins.
  • Fixed the issue where characters were unable to move in certain areas of the Mirumok Ruins.
  • Fixed the issue where characters fell through the roof of some buildings in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed the water graphic of the Gervish Mountains valley of Duvencrune.
  • Fixed the abnormal character movement in front of Marni’s 2nd Lab Node Manager.
  • Fixed the issue where certain parts of the streets of Velia did not look natural.
  • Fixed the graphical issue of some of the bushes in the Western Valtarra Mountains.


  • Fixed Bert of Hystria to reappear after a certain amount of time when he disappears.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of Crow NPCs in Tarif would not be normal.
  • Fixed the issue where you are still on the tamed wild horse after registering and checking it in with a Stable NPC.
  • Added an option to trade 350 Dragon Scale Fossils for an Advice of Valks (+40) with Valks.

[Developer’s Comment]

This was a part of the Heidel Ball announcement and is included in today’s patch.

We hope that this patch would give another method to acquire stacks and with it liven up the Sherekhan Necropolis area more than before.

Although the number of Dragon Scale Fossils required is high, we’ve also adjusted the drop rates last week so that obtaining them is 6 times easier than before.

  • Fixed the camera perspective issue after logging out during Observation Mode on a mount.
  • A message has been added for mounting a Sky Balloon.
    • “Use the interact function to board the Sky Balloon.”
  • Animation has been added to the Sky Balloon while in flight.
  • Fixed the issue where other players’ Sky Balloons could not be seen upon login.
  • Trading will now be possible while mounted on a horse.
    • This change does not affect the weight limit to ride a mount.
    • This change applies to all trading items.

[By Class]

  • Fixed the issue where the skirt of the Glorious Shudad would look unnatural when in attack stance.
  • Fixed the issue where the Awakening weapon disappears when Grim Reaper’s Judgment is used again after consecutively using Grim Reaper’s Judgment and Night Crow.
  • For the description of Black Spirit: Raging Thunder, ‘Hold LMB + RMB’ and ‘Quick Slot Available’ have been replaced with ‘Auto-activated upon using Raging Thunder’.
  • Black Spirit: Raging Thunder’s range has been increased to match its skill effects.
  • Fixed the Glorious Shudad Trinket effect to be displayed properly.
  • Fixed the actual use and the skill effects of Scratch to occur at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where the skill effect would not be displayed when canceling the skill during right Scratch (D+RMB).
  • Fixed the issue where the AP and Attack Speed buff would not be applied to self when using Rage Absorption (Common) after charging Black Spirit’s Rage to 100%.
  • Fixed the issue where the skirt of the Glorious Shudad would look unnatural when in attack stance.
  • Fixed the issue where the Light’s Mark icon would be displayed repeatedly upon good hits.
  • New items ‘Mysterious Chest- Ring/Earring/Belt/Necklace’ accessory chests has been added.
    • These items can be claimed in 2 ways:
  1. From completing new quests that can be accepted from Calpheon Market.
  2. By purchasing it for Gold Bar 100G from NPC Boltz of Calpheon Workshop after having obtained knowledge of Mysterious Chest.
  • Collect Remnants of a Mysterious Chest x100 which can be collected from Mysterious Chests and take it over to Alcott of Calpheon Workshop in order to exchange for Resplendent Mysterious Chest.
  • Open a Mysterious Chest to randomly obtain one of the following.
Item Name Items Obtainable from a Mysterious Chest (You’ll get 1 from the list randomly)
Mysterious Chest – (Ring) Tungrad Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Forest Ronaros Ring, Kagtum Submission Ring, Mark of Shadow, or Remnants of a Mysterious Chest
Mysterious Chest –  (Earring) Tungrad Earring, Narc Ear Accessory, Blue Whale Molar Earring, Fugitive Khalk’s Earring, Red Coral Earring, Witch’s Earring, or Remnants of a Mysterious Chest
Mysterious Chest – (Belt) Tungrad Belt, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Orkinrad’s Belt,

Basilisk’s Belt, Tree Spirit Belt, Ancient Weapon Core, or Remnants of a Mysterious Chest

Mysterious Chest – (Necklace) Tungrad Necklace, Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Serap’s Necklace, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Scarla Necklace, or Remnants of a Mysterious Chest
Resplendent Mysterious Chest Tungrad Ring, Tungrad Belt, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Earring,

Orkinrad’s Belt, Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Narc Ear Accessory, Basilisk’s Belt

  • General Goods Vendor Lara of Heidel has started selling Mysterious Chests.
    • You can purchase Mysterious Chests from Lara at a higher price than you would pay for purchasing them from Boltz of Calpheon Workshop.
  • A message to confirm the opening of a Mysterious Chest will now be displayed.
  • The price of Mushroom Hypha acquired from the following monsters of Polly’s Forest has been changed to 1,700 Silver.
    • Red Skirt Poison Mushroom
    • Cloudy Rain Mushroom
    • Shadow Poison Mushroom
    • Musk Pocket Mushroom
    • Snowflake Poison Mushroom
    • Twinkle-in-the-Dark Mushroom
    • Cotton Bubble Mushroom
    • Trumpet Bell Poison Mushroom
  • Fixed the [Jukebox] Terrmian Spirit’s Song to be repeatable.
  • Level limit descriptions have been added to the enhanced equipment boxes sold by weapon and armor merchants of Calpheon and Serendia.
  • Detailed descriptions have been added to desert disease resist buffs.
      • Heatstroke resistance 30%
      • Heatstroke resistance 30% (Max 90%)
    • This effect stacks multiplicatively.
    • For example, if you have a 30% resistance and a 20% buff at the same time, the actual percentage applied is: {1-(1-0.3)x(1-0.2)}x100 = 44%
  • The number of Cron Stones required for Safe Enhancement will no longer fluctuate depending on market prices.
  • ‘Ancient Artifact China’ has been added to the Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Delivery] trade list.
    • 450 seals can be traded for an Ancient Artifact China with Lamiro Iadans.
  • Fixed the issue where [Battlefield] HP Potion (XL) and Refined Grain Juice could not be used with Miraculous Cheer skills.

[Developer’s Comment]

As reported by many adventurers, the issue where some potions, such as the [Battlefield] HP Potion (XL) and Grain Juice, could not be used for the Fairy skill Miraculous Cheer has been fixed. You can now use Miraculous Cheer in the Red Battlefield with battlefield potions. 

  • Port Epheria Wharf Manager Srulk will now offer the following addition in his Amity Shop.
    • Ship License Srulk’s Humble Fishing Boat
    • You need to have at least 300 Amity points to access the Srulk’s Amity Shop with Srulk and upon purchasing the Ship License requires 300 Amity Points and 150,000 Silver.
    • Srulk’s Humble Fishing Boat has relatively low performance compared to other fishing boats with 1 inventory and 20,000 life span.
  • Loot for defeating Vell will now be automatically placed in the Black Spirit’s Safe.
    • However, adventurers who are not located within Vell’s Realm when Vell is defeated will not receive loot regardless if they had inflicted damage on Vell or not. Please stay inside the realm.

[Developer’s Comment]

We’ve put a lot of thought into this change.

There were many instances after defeating Vell where a lot of the players would be running into each other trying to acquire their loot, causing lots of inconveniences.

We’ve improved this so that loot from defeating Vell will now be given straight to the Black Spirit’s Safe.

  • The below monsters of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple will awaken 20% faster, and have 20% faster Attack Speed and 30% faster Chase Speed.
    • Gyfin Rhasia Guard
    • Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    • Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
    • Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
  • Karma recovered from the below Pila Ku monsters has increased by 5 times.
    • Sordid Deportee
    • Frenzied Executioner
    • Executioner
    • Iron Fist Warder
    • Caphras’s Follower
    • Dark Eyes Warder

[Developer’s Comment]

  • Chance to receive Dragon Scale Fossils from the below monsters of the Sherekhan Necropolis (night) has doubled, and the number of fossils dropped has increased to a maximum of 2.
    • Garud
    • Lateh
    • Belcadas
    • Nybrica
    • Federik
  • The mushrooms of Polly’s Forest have overgrown and are now more powerful.
    • Recommended AP of the zone is now 160.
    • Monster HP increased by 100%, AP increased by 30%, DP increased by 25%.
    • Combat EXP increased by 80%, Skill EXP increased by 60% from monsters.
    • Price of Mushroom Hypha received from Polly’s Forest monster’s increased to 1700 Silver.
    • Poison damage inflicted by Polly’s Forest monsters has been increased to 15 damage per 3 seconds.
    • You can now loot ‘Dew of Tranquil Forest’ from Polly’s Forest monsters.
  • The Gorgo Cobra stuck underneath the large boulder near the Gorgo Rock Belt has escaped.


  • New story quests that deal with Calpheon Market vendors and workshop staff have been added.
    • The quests can be accepted from Rubin the Herald of Calpheon with a character of LV. 50 and above. You will be able to obtain knowledge of Mysterious Chests while you progress through the quests.
      • Profitable Information
      • Selfish Nobles
      • You Better Pay Me Back
      • Dirt Poor
      • Really?
      • What is a Mysterious Chest?
      • According to What I Know
  • Not Enough Materials / Avenge Me
    • You can only choose 1 between ‘Avenge Me’ or ‘Not Enough Materials’ to progress with.
  • New recurring quests ‘Avenge Me’ and ‘Not Enough Materials’ have been added.
    • After having obtained the knowledge for Mysterious Chests, you can talk to NPC Brahm located in the building behind Giovanni Romano of Calpehon Market.
    • The quest is a daily recurring quest and you can choose between 2 quests to progress with.
    • Upon completion of the quest, you will obtain one of the Mysterious Chests.
  • New recurring quests per region has been added to help you obtain more Mysterious Chests.
    • There are no requirements for accepting these quests and they are daily recurring that can be completed once per family.
    • Some of the quests below are random quests that may change in content every time you accept them.
    • Only 1 from 9 quests below that include ‘Avenge Me’ and ‘Not Enough Materials’ can be selected and progressed.
    • Upon completion of the quest, you will choose to receive one of the Mysterious Chests.
Quest Title How to accept
For The Altinova Festival (Cooking) Talk to the Altinova Cook Edman at Mediah
Tenacity for Seeds (Hunting)

Another Hobby (Processing/Cooking)

Talk to the Valencia City Seed Vendor Salebin in Valencia
Balance Out Polly’s Forest (Combat)

Help Our Captain (Hunting)

Talk to the Grána Blacksmith Dikzipo in Kamasylvia
Make Me A Safe Path (Combat)

Take Me to the Land of the Desert (Processing)

Talk to the Duvencrune Chef Maopan in Drieghan
  • After completing the quest series starting with the Mysterious Request quest, you can continue with an additional quest on deciding what to tell Falasi.
    • Sea of Marines and Pirates
    • The Sea of Hidden Treasures
    • The Sea of the Ancient Civilization
  • One of the above quests can be chosen. Completing it will reward you with the “The One to Bind Ties with Falasi” title and one of the following bookshelves.
    • Falasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on Sailing (Interact with the bookshelf for Skill EXP +3% for 1 hour).
    • Falasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on Excavation (Interact with the bookshelf for Life EXP +3% for 1 hour).
    • Falasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on Hunting (Interact with the bookshelf for Combat EXP +3% for 1 hour).
  • New quest series’ on the details of the pirates of the Epheria island, treasures, and the ancient civilization have been added.
    • These quests can be received by talking to Philaberto Falasi with a character who’s received the “The One to Bind Ties with Falasi” title. These quests are available only once per family.
    • Quests given differs depending on which story you tell Falasi. Other quest series’ can be done once you complete a series.
    • The “The One to Bind Ties with Falasi” title can be acquired from the quest series [ADV] Exploring the Calpheon Sea from the Suggestion tab of the Quests menu.
  • *The following quests are given for telling the story “Sea of Marines and Pirates”.
    • Falasi’s Marine
    • Dangerous-looking Supplies
    • Across the Moonlit Sea
    • Plunder the Gray Fog!
    • The Hidden Fossilized Blood
    • Walk to the Grave
  • *The following quests are given for telling the story “The Sea of Hidden Treasures”.
    • Falasi’s Herbalist
    • Meeting the Bluffer Again
    • Easier Than It Looks
    • Nonnegotiable Trade
    • The Cave Reeking of Foul Stench
    • The Dark Handed Man
    • The Truth Behind the Treasure
    • Misguided Judgement
  • *The following quests are given for telling the story “The Sea of the Ancient Civilization”.
    • Falasi’s Ancient Ruins Explorer
    • An Old Letter for Someone
    • Swayed by the Curse of the Ancient Civilization
    • Silence of the Spirit
    • The One Who Wrote the Letter
    • The Hermit’s Cry
    • Those Gripped in Fear
    • Helping the Spirit Find Eternal Rest
    • Reclaimed Peace, and Uneasiness
  • The appearance of Martha Kiyen who you meet during the [Blackstar Weapon] quest has changed.
  • The dialog for the ‘[Blackstar Weapon] A Mysterious Death’ quest has been revised to sound more natural.
  • The ‘Blackstar Weapon’ quests that craft main weapons are now displayed even when all quest filters are turned off.
  • Fixed the ‘Saunils And Rhutums On A Powder Keg’ quest dialogue to fit the questline.
    Fixed the issue where there was no target to complete the quest ‘To Elric Shrine’ when following the quest guide.


  • Knowledge Hint for Inverted Heart of Garmoth will now display the correct information.
  • Fixed the ‘Watchtower Bridge’ knowledge to be attainable.
  • A quest series to obtain Calpheon Sea Island Knowledges has been added.
    • Mysterious Request
    • Falasi’s Longing
    • The First Island of Memories
    • I’m Not Looking for Treasure…
    • Island of the Tragic Legend
    • Island Full of Laughter
    • Island Full of People
    • Almost Completed Guard Post
    • Secret of the Rare Insect
    • Kicked Out Thrice
    • Island of Storms
    • Curse of the Ancient Civilization?
    • Looking for Nonexistent Traces
    • Myth or Treasure?
    • Kicked Out Thrice
    • Bluffer’s Ore
    • The Sea was Rough
    • The Cox Pirates’ Gray Fog
    • A Marine in Disguise
    • A Villager from Florin?
    • Scattered Villagers
    • What is Treasure?
    • Puzzling Words
    • Bag Full of Stories
  • Completing the above quest series will give all knowledges of the Peyon Sea, Epheria Sea, Ahrmo Sea, Epheria Sea, and Calpheon Sea Node Manager categories, which will also increase your maximum Energy by 10 (Players who have already acquired knowledge on the above categories will have already received the Energy increase).
  • These quests can be obtained through the Black Spirit after completing the [Boss] The Witch of Horrors quest or the Looking for Adventurers quest.
    • You can take this quest from the Suggested tab of the Quests menu. This quest is available only once per family.
  • “Glorious Day” has been added to the Northern Calpheon Adventure Journal knowledge category.
  • Fixed the issue where the minimap location would not be normal when shifting to 3D.
  • Fixed the issue where the possession of better versions of certain gear in your inventory was not noted by the game’s UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the illustration on the second page of the Adventurer’s Journal would not be displayed at first when logging in.
  • The storage payment selection notice for purchasing the Campsite Villa Scroll has been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where cancelling during Production Repair and then talking to a Blacksmith would display the Production Repair UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the Extract Crystal UI would not display equipment or crystal description, or would display the wrong information.
  • Fixed the UI issue of the Appoint/Ban button when the platoon leader selects a platoon member.
  • Fixed the issue where the game could not be played when pressing the ESC key during the loading screen after selecting a character from the character select screen.
  • Fixed the issue where images of certain inventory items would occasionally not appear.
  • A function to zero in to your character’s location on the World Map has been added.
  • Fixed the issue where the Inventory (I) window size would occasionally be abnormal when opening it.
  • The mark indicating your location on the World Map has been changed to have variable sizes depending on the zoom distance.
  • Fixed the issue where the conversation with a trade NPC would not be normal after a trade.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera perspective would not be normal during a conversation with a trade NPC after a trade.
  • Fixed the Pearl Shop purchase window to close when the Customizing, Dye, or Knowledge window is opened.
  • Fixed the issue where Courser Training would not work in certain situations.
  • Fixed the Ui issue where some Cron Stone did not appear to be applied correctly during Courser Training.
    • The Courser Training UI will now display the number of Cron Stones properly.
    • The Success/Fail result will now be displayed properly.
  • Fixed the issue where part of the amount of Marni’s Stones collected was covered by the minimap.
  • Fixed the issue where the currency icons would not be displayed normally during Loyalties or Pearl Box purchases.
  • Fixed the issue where Edit History UI would disappear in certain situations when having Toggle UI on in Beauty (F4) mode or in character creation.
  • Fixed the issue where certain buttons in the Find NPC window would not work properly.

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