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Black Desert Online – 15.05.2019 Patch Notes | Starry Night

[New Events]

  • Starry Night
    • Event Period: May 15 after maintenance – May 29 before maintenance
    • During the event period, defeat monsters, fish, and gather to obtain [Event] Moon Shard and [Event] Star Shard which can be sold at a high price! You can also combine them to create [Event] Luminous Token worth 300,000 Silver!

[Ongoing Events]

  • Hands of Gold Returns: May 8 after maintenance – June 5 before maintenance.
  • Community Event: Create your own Easter Egg: May 3rd to May 17th (voting period).
    • Winners Announced: Friday, May 17th via official Forums!
  • 2019 Spring Video Contest:
    • Submission Period: April 24 – May 20.
    • Staff Pick: May 20 – 22.
    • Community Vote: May 22 – 29.
    • Winner Announcement: May 30.

[Ended Events]

  • Equestrians, Assemble!


  • A poacher that can be defeated to obtain a treasure chest will now appear in the following regions in Kamasylvia: Polly’s Forest, Loopy Tree Forest, Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Mirumok Ruins, Tooth Fairy Forest, Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
    • Treasure chests will disappear if it is not attacked for two minutes.
    • The following message will appear when the poacher appears with the treasure chest:
      • The nearby poacher seems to be moving a suspicious looking box.
    • Defeat the poacher and destroy the treasure chest to get Silver and one of the following items.
      • Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Life, Kamasylve Fruit of Harmony, Narc Ear Accessory, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Gyfin Rhasia Sculpture of Earth, Krogdalo’s Origin Stone, Forest Fury, Forest Ronaros Ring, Lemoria Helmet, Lemoria Armor, Lemoria Gloves, Lemoria Shoes, Krogdalo’s Tear, Pure Forest Breath, Manshaum Voodoo Doll, Valtarra Relic Fragment
    • Some of the items you can get from the treasure chest can be exchanged for Peridot Fruit or Peridot Tree.
      • Valtarra Relic Fragment: Peridot Fruit x1
      • Krogdalo’s Tear: Peridot Fruit x10
      • Gyfin Rhasia Sculpture of Earth: Peridot Tree x1
      • Kamasylve Fruit of Harmony: Peridot Tree x10
    • Peridot Fruit can be sold for 100,000 Silver to NPC vendors. Peridot Tree can be sold for 10,000,000 Silver.
    • Sometimes the poacher’s treasure chest will be possessed by the Black Spirit. It will start moving and may attack you with a ferocious attack.
      • The chest contains the same items as the chest not possessed by the Black Spirit. However, looting the chest possessed by the Black Spirit will give you a higher chance of getting one of the more valuable items.


  • Items which do not change in prices due to not meeting the conditions to fluctuate prices will now slowly change prices.
  • You can now access the Web Central Market with the Chrome browser.
  • Unnecessary logs will no longer be collected to the Black Desert log files when you run the game.

[Game World]

  • The trees near the Longleaf Tree Forest in the world map (M) will now appear properly.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck at a certain spot at the Abandoned Monastery.
  • The amount of Stamina consumed when using the Forest Path Wagon’s Forest Rush skill has been decreased by 50%, so you can now continuously use it for double the time compared to before.
    • When using the Forest Rush skill while auto-moving, the condition for switching to manual moving has been changed to when you have less than 5% Stamina remaining (used to be 25% or less).

[All Classes]

  • Fixed the issue where falling off of a ship while repairing the ship would continue to display a hammer in the character’s hand.

[By Class]

  • The hitting motions for the Absolute: Shield Strike skill will be displayed properly to match the timing of actually hitting the target.
  • Fixed the issue where the spark effects for the Absolute: Forward Slash skill would not be displayed when Graphics settings were lower than “Slightly High” settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s appearance from behind would look unnatural in the character selection window when wearing the Basic outfit.
  • The Black Spirit: Luthraghon’s Call I, II, and IV skills will not cast when each skill is locked.
  • When the prices for Pearl Set items change at the Central Market, the prices of the individual items in those packages/sets will now also change.
  • The weight of certain items (obtainable from sea monsters) have been changed to the following:
Item Name Before After
Young Sea Monster’s Neidan 0.14 LT 0.10 LT
Young Candidum’s Shell 0.14 LT 0.10 LT
Young Black Rust Jawbone 0.27 LT 0.19 LT
Young Nineshark’s Horn Fragment 0.14 LT 0.10 LT
[Guild] Candidum Shell 0.14 LT 0.10 LT
[Guild] Hekaru’s Spike 0.13 LT 0.09 LT
[Guild] Black Rust Jawbone 0.27 LT 0.19 LT
[Guild] Nineshark’s Horn Fragment 0.14 LT 0.10 LT
[Guild] Ocean Stalker’s Skin 0.17 LT 0.12 LT
[Guild] Steel Candidum Shell 465.00 LT 325.50 LT
[Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike 458.00 LT 320.60 LT
[Guild] Black Rust Tongue 489.00 LT 342.30 LT
[Guild] Nineshark’s Fin 462.00 LT 323.40 LT
[Guild] Ocean Stalker Whisker 488.00 LT 341.60 LT
[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 3.00 LT 2.10 LT
  • The following items will no longer have descriptions related to exchanges:
    • Parasitic Bee Larva
    • Beetle Shell
    • Sturdy Fang
    • Broken Longsword Fragment
    • Bandit’s Bandana
    • Cracked Horn
    • Red Orc Fang
    • Cursed Fang
    • Stoneback Crab Rock Armor
    • Cobweb
    • Kuku Bird Feather
    • Thin Bee Wings
    • Pumpkin Vine
    • Altar Imp’s Trumpet
    • Old Hood
    • Rusty Longsword
    • Rusty Helmet
    • Fogan Webfoot
    • Thick Reptile Hide
    • Naga Webfoot
    • Sturdy Shoes
    • Shoddy Pickaxe
    • Lustrous Feather
    • Rock Pickaxe
    • Withered Leaf
    • Cracked Fang
    • Imp’s Torn Ornament
    • Broken Goblin Amulet
    • Rusty Scythe Shard
    • Withered Plant Stem
    • Old Longsword
    • Brand Token
    • Broken Rhutum Fang
    • Black Hood
    • Tough Boar Meat
    • Tough Red Boar Meat
    • Metal Armor Fragment
    • Giant Shell
    • Ruins Rock Fragment
    • Contaminated Tooth
    • Thick Hide
    • Cursed Crystal
    • Troll Hide
    • Huge Spear
    • Crude Waragon Hide
    • Hard Rock Fragment
    • Thin Wings
    • Corrupt Crystal
    • Shimmering Green Liquid
    • Catfishman Scale
    • Sharp Bone Fragment
    • Hard Tree Bark
  • You can now search Wagon Registration: Forest Path Wagon from the Crafting Notes.
  • You can no longer acquire EXP when the Stone Waragon and Stone Mutant Waragon from the Colossal Stone Waragon despawns.
  • The Ancient Kutum and Nouver world bosses will now go berserk when 8 minutes have passed after they have initially spawned.
  • The two bosses will have greatly increased AP when they go berserk, and their attacking patterns will change. However, their DP will greatly decrease.
  • Fixed the issue where the following Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) monsters would have awkward stances when they appear.
    • Garud
    • Lateh
    • Belcadas
    • Nybrica
    • Federik


  • Fixed the issue where the dialogue for accepting the [Boss] Fogan Prince Titium quest was unnatural.
  • A hint about obtaining a key has been added to the quest dialogue for the Memories of Eliza quest.
  • Revised the location of the guide for the Elionian Doctrines quest.
  • The Recurring Quests which were available separately for different characters can now be shared with all characters within a Family.
    • If you were in the process of going through a quest which has been changed, then all characters within the Family will now be able to share the quest.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not go through the Torenandu’s Declaration of War quest.
  • The size of the event window has been enlarged.
  • Fixed the issue in the minimap where the locations for the Durability Reduction and Arsha server Red Battlefield entry icons would be abnormal when switching from 2D to 3D view while in full screen mode.
  • Fixed the issue where there would be UI overlapping issues for products which have selectable options for selecting different items.
  • Added the description below which appears when you try to recover a worker’s Stamina beyond its full capacity:
    • The Worker’s stamina is already at max.
  • Demolition Axe and Matchlock items will no longer be displayed for the “You got better gear!” notification.
  • Fixed the issue where the Red Battlefield entry icon and Durability Reduction UI overlapped next to the minimap for the Arsha server.
  • When you select the Adventure Journal completion notification which is displayed on the left side of the screen, the relevant Adventure Journal will now open up.
  • Fixed the issue where the Gamma/Contrast settings would revert back to the previous settings when you reconnect after adjusting the settings.
  • Fixed the issue where entering a backspace into the chat window while searching for items at the Central Market would move you back to the previous window.
  • Certain equipment will no longer be deselected from the Enhancement window when reaching the maximum Enhancement level.
  • When using the auto-align Quick Slot, fixed the issue where you were unable to use the F10 key while near mounts or NPC’s which you can interact with.
  • The Red Battlefield entry icon’s location will now be properly displayed in the 3D minimap mode.
  • Enemy HP bars will no longer shine when their HP has not decreased.
  • When selecting the Item Count option in the Inventory (I) window, the location for where the number of items appear will now be properly placed.
  • Improved the alignment for the Pearl Shop (F3) scrollbar.
  • Fixed the issue where the bullet UI would disappear when changing to cropping mode or resetting Edit UI menu while equipped with a Matchlock item.
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining time for quests would not be displayed properly when setting the Recently Updated Quest to “Do Not Show” in the Quest Widget settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the Quest Widget location would be out of place after making changes in the Quest Widget settings.
  • Reduced how much the Monster Zone monster images would move when using the mouse wheel in the World Map to expand/downscale the map view.
  • Fixed the issue where a previously selected Appearance Change Coupon would be selected by default in the Apply Customization window when you closed and reopened the Apply Customization window.
  • A BDO Wiki button will now be displayed in the Start Game screen when you press Settings.
  • A completion notification for the Garden icon on the top left of the screen will now appear even when one crop has been completed.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of silver or items would not be properly displayed after an item was bought or sold at the Central Market.
  • You can no longer talk to NPC’s while a confirmation window/message is opened up on the screen.
  • The sound effect for removing/extracting crystals in the Extract Crystal window (Black Spirit’s Transfusion window or through NPC’s) has been improved.
    • Sound effects will play when you add or remove a crystal to the equipment.
    • Additional sound effects have been added for placing equipment in the Transfusion or Extract Crystal windows, and for returning the equipment back to the Inventory.
  • When you press the ESC key in the character selection window and customization window (F4), you will now cancel the character entry animation.
    • When you press the ESC key after the character entry animation has played, you will move to the previous screen.
  • When using a Value Pack, the Value Pack icon description will now be properly displayed at the bottom left of the Central Market.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of materials (260 materials) used in Courser Training was being abnormally displayed upon use.
  • Fixed an issue where certain pets would disappear.

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