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Black Desert Online – 08.10.2019 Patch Notes | Season of the Hunt PART 3

Greetings Adventurers,

Are you ready for a new high geared monster zone? From this week, you can access the Kratuga Ancient Ruins, a 250 AP Monster Zone, provided that you open the doors using a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or an Unsealed Ruins Slate.

Kill new monsters while enjoying your +50% of drop rate and extra rewards for your playtime with the third part of the Season of the Hunt.

And what better way to enjoy all the new content than a revamp of the User Interface?

Discover all the details of the new features below!

[New Events]

  • Season of the Hunt, Part 3:
    • Item Drop Rate Boost +50%
      • Period: October 8 (after maintenance)–October 16 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, item drop rate for defeating monsters will increase by +50%. (This does not apply to when fishing or gathering).
      • Item drop rate boost from the event stacks with item drop rate buffs from items such as [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll and Blessing of Kamasylve items. However, this drop rate boost does not apply to event items such as [Event] Rarity Pouch and [Event] Fortune Pouch.
    • Special Challenges 2
      • Period: October 10 (00:00 UTC)–October 23 (23:59 UTC)
      • During the event period, play daily and get the below rewards via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime.

[Ongoing Events]

  • Season of the Hunt, Part 2: October 2 (after maintenance)–October 16 (before maintenance)
  • Build Your Guild
    • Recruit New Guild Members: October 2 (after maintenance)–October 30 (before maintenance)
    • Guild Attendance Reward: October 2 (after maintenance)–December 31 (23:59 UTC)
  • Health, Breath, Strength: October 2 (after maintenance)–October 23 (before maintenance)
  • Season of the Hunt, Part 1
    • Trina Knight’s First Support Kit: (September 25 (after maintenance)–October 23 (before maintenance)
    • Special Challenges: September 26 00:00 UTC–October 9 23:59 UTC
  • Fall Festival: September 25 (after maintenance)–October 23 (before maintenance)


[Ended Events]

  • Season of the Hunt, Part 1
    • Complete Marni’s Stones
    • World Boss Drop Rate Boost
    • Fever Time Boost
  • Kratuga Ancient Ruins, a new Monster Zone, have been discovered by the adventurers.

We hope each of you, adventurers, enjoy your battle at a Monster Zone optimal for your own level or equipment. We went through several optimization processes of Monster Zone balance and displayed the optimal AP for each Monster Zone in the World Map, all in order to allow you to find the most appropriate Monster Zone for you each time you enhanced your equipment and made a development.

Kratuga Ancient Ruins, the new Monster Zone, are for those adventurers whose AP approximates or equals 250. You can now enjoy your play at the new Monster Zone without having to stay at a Monster Zone with a Recommended AP of 210-240 anymore. If Aakman or Hystria Ruins feel a bit overwhelming, the new Ancient Ruins could become a good training place for you.

  • By using the Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or Unsealed Ruins Slate at the door located somewhere in Hasrah Ancient Ruins, you can temporarily activate the door to Kratuga Ancient Ruins and enter there.
    • If one adventurer opens the door to Kratuga Ancient Ruins, other adventurers can go in or out as well for a limited amount of time.
  • You can create the Unsealed Ruins Slate by combining Sealed Ruins Slate x3, obtainable from the Kratuga Ancient Ruins monsters.
  • The Recommended AP for Kratuga Ancient Ruins is 250 and above.
  • Crystal of Elkarr, a new crystal that can be equipped to your main weapon, has been added. You will need to perform Simple Alchemy with materials below to create one:
Crystal of Elkarr
Simple Alchemy Elkarr x1

Black Magic Crystal – Precision x1

Forest Fury x2

Magical Shard x10

  • By equipping the new crystal, you can obtain the following effects: All Accuracy +12, Ignore All Resistance +10%.
  • You can get Elkarr, the necessary material for making Crystal of Elkarr, in the new region Kratuga Ancient Ruins at a very low chance.


  • You can now move a quantity of items that equals the maximum weight a mount can possess (214,000 LT for a horse) at once, when moving the items from the Storage to the Mount Inventory.
    • It is now more comfortable and easier to move a Storage item to a mount when selling any Processed Trade Goods.
    • These rules will be applied to Land Mounts only.
    • The rules are not applicable to Guild Mounts.
  • Group 4 and 5 have been added to the Pet list and now you can set more types of groups.
  • You can now check the Storage through your Maid/Butler even when they are not in Standby mode.
  • Improved the saving system of the World Map’s “Set Auto-run Path” function. (The existing auto-navigation data file will be removed.)

[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where certain masts were not visible when logging into the game in the middle of the ocean.

[By Class]

  • Changed the Head Chase I, II, and III skills to Head Chase.
    • The skill points you have achieved for your previously selected skill will be returned.
    • Added new Awakening skills “Frenzied Strikes I, II, III.”

Most of the Awakened Warrior’s main skills cannot be used during cooldown. This is something we considered to be characteristic of Warrior who deals continuous heavy attacks and therefore was not updated. However, players who would switch to use Normal Mode skills in order to fill this gap have been increasing lately, which did not only cause many inconveniences but also create a difference between these players and those who did not use the Normal Mode skills.

In the end, we decided to add a new skill that matches Warrior’s Awakening. The newly added “Frenzied Strikes” is a skill that has a short cooldown and great attack damage, apt for activities such as defeating monsters. We have also unified the three Head chase skills and made adjustments so that the effect of the previous Head Chase III would be applied when learning the unified skill. This new skill is a balance patch unrelated to Transcendence and we will keep doing this kind of balance patch for each character in the future.

  • Fixed the issue where attack range increase was included in the skill description of Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot.
  • Shai has discovered a new skill.
    • Shai is now able to ride Wagons and Camels.
  • Due to the issue where Shai’s DP was applied abnormally, adjustments were made so that using or playing the following skills would not activate any buff effect.
    • Misty Haze
    • Twirl-Three
    • Kwik-Two
    • Hop-Three

On October 2nd, we verified that when playing Misty Haze, Shai’s DP was applied abnormally, and therefore restricted the skill effect application. Later we verified that Twirl-Three, Kwik-Two, and Hop-Three had the same issue and adjustments were made so that using these skills would not activate any buff effect.

The way how these skills’ buff is applied can be changed with the adjustments and we will notify you about these changes with the update notes.

We will try our best to fix the issue as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  • The workload and the production output of Farming, Gathering, Mining, and Lumbering Production Nodes have doubled.
  • Added Celerity Draught and Unbridled Celerity Draught, which are beneficial for Trainings that require long time.
    • Formulas to craft these items have been added to Crafting Notes.
    • Perform Simple Alchemy following the formula to obtain the new draught items.
  • Removed the least frequently used items such as Old Flame Tower, Old Hwacha, Oil for Old Flame Tower, and Old Hwacha Arrows from the Guild Shop Purchase list.
    • However, you can still use the items you have in the Guild Storage or the Inventory.
  • Fixed the awkward expression in the item description of some Ship Licenses and Horse Emblems.
  • Fixed the issue where some monsters of the Southwestern Gateway appeared during your progress through the quest “Impossible Task” and caused hindrance.
    • The monsters were moved to a place further from the road.
  • Fixed the issue where Ahib Griffon’s appearance was not intermittently visible when this Guild Boss was flying.
  • Changed and fixed the Weakening effect that any of the following Mirumok Ruins monsters inflicts on nearby players by exploding itself from DP +1 to DP -50.
    • Mirumok Lookout
    • Mirumok Watcher
  • Fixed the issue where the Boss summoned by using the Awakened Boss Summon Scroll didn’t disappear even after 30 minutes.


  • Added information on how to use the Summon Scroll to the following quests’ summaries.
    • [Boss] Illezra’s Creation
    • [Boss] Helm Tribes’ Shield
    • [Boss] Slayer of the Arena
  • Fixed the awkward expression in the quest summary for “Desire for Power” and simplified its quest completion text.
  • Changed the requirement for the quest [Repeat] Evidence of Someone to catching Snapped Rope x3.

[UI Revamp]

  •  Black Desert’s UI has been updated.

The UI update has begun. With today’s update, Black Spirit-related UI (including Enhancement), the NPC Chat window UI, and the Shop UI have been improved. In fact, these improvements represent our greatest wish, since we’ve continuously received feedback such as “the UI is uncomfortable,” “hard to see,” “too complicated,” etc. from our players since the beginning. The process was not easy, as we had to be careful not to harm the existing familiarity these UIs had, but the positive feedback we received about the new UI after releasing the Black Desert Console helped us to reconsider the UI update for PC. Another reason why we made this decision was that the UI issues coming from servicing PC and Console at the same time caused a setback to the schedule of our new content development. Hence, we recollected as many opinions from our existing players as we could and started the UI update that would unify the two versions—Console and PC—of UI.

We think that among all kinds of content, the UI in particular has great influence on your playing experience and sensibility. And because we are also players whose playing styles and perspectives differ from each other, it was necessary to test and fix the relevant content over and over again. So, since June 14th, the day we revealed the new UI system for the first time through the Global Lab, we have recollected various opinions and made improvements of different scales, until we were finally able to present you our first result today.

However, we will not rush and try to change everything at once, since it could cause many confusions.Also, maintaining the existing familiarity and increasing the functionality of the UI will be one of our priorities. Though it may be difficult to come up with a result that would satisfy all players, we promise that we will make continuous improvements to convince more of you.

  • The following UI were reworked.
    • Maid/Butler
    • Find Party
    • Attendance Reward
    • ESC Menu
    • Ranking
    • NPC Vendor
    • Cleanse Gear
    • Register Clan/Guild
    • Worker Exchange
    • Guild Auction House
    • Interaction
    • Forge
    • Secret Shop
    • Conversation
    • Storage
    • Trade
    • Lordship Menu
    • Item Reform
    • Transport
    • Confess
    • Transfusion
    • Imperial Auction House
    • Message boxes
    • Stable
    • Wharf
    • Black Spirit Enhancement/Extraction
    • Traveler’s Map
    • Boss Notification
    • Notice
    • Fish Guide
    • Name Change
    • Weapon Exchange
    • Life EXP Transfer
    • Voice Chat Settings
    • Mail
    • Quick Hotkey Settings
    • Certain Minigames (Cart)
    • Dark Rift
    • Storage Search
    • Item Brand/Remove Item Brand
    • Item looting
    • Item drops
  • The new menu has a function that allows you to check your “Recently Used” menu.
    • “Recently Used” keeps a record of up to 15 menus that you’ve accessed through the new menu in order and removes the oldest record.
    •  Recorded menus in the “Recently Used” function can be fixed or deleted.
  • A search function was added to Storage.
  • A random animation will be played when enhancing equipment from IV (TET) to V (PEN).
  • The Exchange and Chat functions were separated into different buttons in the NPC interaction screen. You can click on these buttons and only see the options related to that function.
    • Gaining Knowledge, proceeding with a quest, and other functions from the button interact can be found by pressing the “Chat” button.
    • Exchanging seals and items can be found by pressing the “Exchange” button.
    • You will now be able to see all the items, even the items you current do not have, that can be exchanged through the NPC in the Exchange window.
  • Quests, Vendor, Storage buttons were made accessible with hotkeys in the NPC interaction window.
    • Quests, Chat, and Exchange will always have fixed hotkeys. Other buttons in the UI will use number hotkeys (1) – (4).
  • The Interest Knowledge Status window was changed to not open in the NPC interaction window if it is related to Quest/Chat/Exchange or if the Storage window is open.
  • The (R) hotkey will only be displayed on a button below if the hotkey is actually available in the NPC interaction window.
  • When you press (R) for the Quest button and open the Quest List window, the (R) will disappear and only the text Quest will be displayed.
  • Conversation was improved so that you can scroll through Knowledge in the Knowledge of Interest using your mouse wheel.
  • Color was added for the hotkey “Acquire All (R)” in the Get Item window.
  • The design and effects in the Enhancement window were changed.
  • The extraction of Enhancement Chance function using the Blacksmith’s Secret Book was moved to the Extract tab.
  • The Transfusion window was enlarged to make it easier to see the effects of the crystals getting transfused. Additionally, you can now select the crystal and equipment you wanted to transfuse the crystal to in the Transfusion window.
  • Blacksmith extraction was improved so that multiple outfits can be extracted through a single attempt.
  • You can now select the upgrade material and equipment you want to upgrade in the Upgrade window.
  • The design of the Trade window was changed to allow you to see more items at once. Additionally, Trade Item Display was removed. The function was moved to the Buy and Sell tabs.
  • Stable, Wharf, guild stable, and guild stable windows, that used to display 4 mounts, will now display up to 8 mounts at a time.
  • The Mount Information window that is displayed on the right of the Stable UI will now only display the skills the mount has. Delete Mount Skill and Desired Skill functions can now be used through the Change Skill button.
  • It will now be easier to connect and separate from wagons in the Connect Wagon window.
  • The list of horses that can be exchanged will be displayed together with the Exchange Horse window.
  • Breeding Market and Horse Market will now display mount information clearly. Additionally, HP, Stamina, Weight were removed from these windows as they do not affect the trade significantly. It was changed to show the number of skills the horse has.
  • The following hotkeys were added to the Select Server screen.
Hotkeys Function
F1 Enter Main Server
F2 Enter the Last Server Connected
F3 Enter a random server
  • Express Goodwill window was changed to show items that can be used as gifts.
  • Recover Max Durability window was changed to show equipment with reduced max durability and recovery materials.
  • Cleanse Gear window will now display +15 equipment.
  • Transport, Send, Conversation, Vendor, Guild Auction House, Register Clan/Guild, Worker Exchange, Secret Shop, and Lordship Menu windows were reworked.
  • View Workers Continuously function was added in the Contract Workers window.
    • Set the grade and number of workers you want to see then press the View Workers Continuously button. It will automatically refresh workers for the number of views you’ve selected or when a worker at the grade you wanted or higher becomes available for hire.
  • A warning message will be displayed when attempting the following enhancement.

You really want to smack that Black Spirit when you happen to waste high fail stack by a mis-click. Now there will be a new warning message to be displayed to prevent you from making a mistake.

  • When attempting to enhance on a character with 50 stacks or higher and the  Enhancement Chance goes over +70%.
  • When attempting to enhance on a character with 100 stacks or higher with the following items and enhancement levels.
Types of Items Enhancement Level
Main Weapon


Awakening Weapon

Defense Gear

[Combat] Trina Demolition Axe

[Combat] Trina Matchlock

Gathering Tools that can be enhanced

Processing Stone

Riding Crop

+0 –  II (DUO)
Accessories I (PRI) – II (DUO)
Mount Equipment

Fishing Rod


Hunting Matchlock

Hunting Sniper Rifle

+0 – +5
Silver Embroidered Life Clothes +0 – +2
  • The number of materials you can use when Chopping or Heating in Processing was increased to the following.
    • Chopping: 3 Max
    • Heating: 4 Max


  • Added a graph that displays the market price of the last 30 days in the Central Market.
    • Select Product Details to see the product’s market price of the last 30 days displayed in a graph.
  • Fixed the issue where the item’s Dye information in the Quest Rewards window differed from the actual Dye information.
  • Added a highlighting color to the Hotkey in the “Get All (R)” text from the Get Item window.
  • Now each worker’s level will be displayed in the Worker Market.
  • You can now see the detailed information of a skill in the Mount’s Skill icon.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Auto Loop” button’s UI size was abnormal.
    • Moved the location of the “Set Auto-run Path” panel to above the “Set Auto-run Path” icon.
    • The highlight that used to remain on the button slot when opening and closing the “Set Auto-run Path” panel will now disappear.
  • Added a function which allows you to edit the Stamina bar in UI Edit mode.
  • The Menu will now be displayed as “New Menu” if you log in with a new account.
  • Changed the Capture Location of the fish registered in the Fish Guide, from “Can be caught, somewhere” to “…”
  • Fixed the issue where the location of the Villager Happiness Level description from the Lord menu was not adequate.
  • Fixed the issue where it looked as if it was possible to adjust the Tax Rate from the Adjust Rate tab in the Lord menu when it was not.
  • Fixed the issue where Balance from the Collection tab in the Lord menu indicated “0” even when it was not.
  • Fixed the issue where it wasn’t possible to adjust the Local Tax from the Adjust Rate tab in the Lord menu.
  • Added a notification message that appears when controlling the Voice Chat UI in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the ship’s durability and related warning messages were not being displayed.
  • Moved and improved the camera location of some NPCs of Duvencrune, Grána, and Southwestern Gateway in Serendia.
  • Fixed the issue where the NPC near the Shady Tree Forest was floating in the air.
  • Fixed the issue where the location of the Horse Saddle icon and that of the Stirrups icon in the Dye (J) window were changed.
  • Now, whenever the changed price and the term “Base Price” from the Volatile Price Items of the Central Market overlap, the latter will not be visible.
  • Fixed the issue where the scroll would go up whenever you put an item to the Guild Storage after scrolling down.
  • Fixed the issue where the message “Please try again in a moment” was displayed when you invited someone to a party and he/she accepted the invitation.
  • Fixed the issue where the system message “Character does not exist” was displayed intermittently when entering the NPC Repair window while the Guild Galley was under repair.
  • Fixed the issue where the Mail list did not update intermittently when selecting a mail/mails from the Received Mail List (B) and pressing the Delete button.
  • Fixed the issue where the item names displayed in the Dye Notice window’s text when dyeing Horse Saddle and Stirrups did not match the corresponding items.
  • Fixed the issue where BDO Wiki did not appear even when pressing the question mark button from the New Knowledge window.
  • Fixed the issue where the type of the items resulting from Mass Process was not displayed normally.
    • The issue where the same type of items appeared to be overlapped.
    • The issue where an unrelated item appeared in the tooltips.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera movement became unnatural when closing the Observe Mode by pressing ESC while on a mount.
  • Fixed the issue where the information about Server Change Restriction was not displayed when changing to a server of a character below Lv. 5.
  • Fixed the issue where some furnitures couldn’t be placed on the 2nd floor of the Olvia 2-4 house.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t build a node fort on Sunday during a specific time slot.
  • Fixed a typo in the quest summary for “A Time of Rest Before the Journey.
  • Fixed the issue where only numbers were displayed in the View Ranking window when the character’s Life Skill Level was 21 or higher.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would enter the ground in certain area of Kamasylvia Old Wisdom Tree.
  • Fixed the issue where the description of the Unlearned Skill in the Manage Mount Skill window overflowed out of the window.
  • Fixed the issue where the screen color became too bright when entering Place Mode while Graphics were set to Very Low.
  • Wacky Toshi on Weita Island and Iliya Island were fixed to exchange Marni’s Stone (Stone Waragon) and Marni’s Stone (Stone Waragon) II.
  • We are aware of the issue where Celerity Draught and Unbridled Celerity Draught cannot be sold at NPC shops.
  • We are aware of the issue where the icon that indicates the number of remaining deliveries for Imperial Delivery is not being displayed.

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