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Black Desert Mobile – 07.01.2020 Patch Notes

Black Desert Mobile is scheduled to undergo maintenance.

Please refer below for more information.


America: 1/7, 00:00 – 05:00 (PST, GMT-8)

Europe: 1/7, 09:00 – 14:00 (GMT+1)

Asia: 1/7, 16:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)

* Maintenance time is subject to change.

* The duration of timed buffs will be extended to accommodate for the maintenance.

Ancient Ruins Lv6 and Lv7 Unlocked

-Better rewards

Town Hall Tier 6 Unlocked

Monument System (3 Statues to choose from – gives passive buffs.)

-1 more lodging (3 more workers from logging and 2 more from the Town hall T6 – 30 workers total)

-Blacksmith lv.13 (from 10)

-Refinery lv.13 (from 10, Rare chance of Grand Blackstone)

-Ranch lv.12 (from 10)

-Food Storage lv.12 (from 10)

-Storage lv.12 (from 10)

-Stable lv.6 (from 5)

Grade Accessory Resonance

-Effects stacks together

Guild War Update

-Guilds can declare war on eachother, making members of both guild hostile to eachother outside of towns.

Max Graphics unlocked for every phones

Weekly Blackpearl Pet

  • Tier 1 pet for 400bp per week !!

■ UI

– An issue where the UI in [Settings] > [Graphics] does not correctly show the re-adjusted settings made by the automatic graphic adjustment function.

(e.g. The settings may have been adjusted to [Medium] due to FPS drops and overheating, but the UI will still show that the settings are on [Max Settings].)

※ Please note that you will have to manually change the graphics settings in order to not get the following notification pop-up about re-adjusting your settings. 


The graphics have been adjusted to ensure a smoother gaming experience.


■ Pearl Shop

– An issue where the [Pearl] > [Black Pearl exchange] feature will not work correctly when using it from the Product Purchase UI.

※ Please note that you will still be able to exchange Pearls from the [Pearls] > [Exchange] UI or [Talish’s Shop] 

Ancient Ruins

Higher difficulties have been added.

Difficulty Required CP (5 Players)
6 2550
7 3100



– Tier 6 Town Hall has been unlocked. With the addition of Tier 6, you can further upgrade other buildings as well.

Building Level Explanation
Lodging Limit for total number of Lodging increased by 1
Blacksmith Level 11~13 Crafting of some Mystical Gear and Weapons
Refinery Level 11~13 A chance to produce Grand Black Stones. A higher level Refinery has a better chance of producing higher grade Black Stones.
Ranch Level 11~12 Increases total Ranch capacity
Food Storage Level 11~12 Increases Food Storage limit
Storage Level 11~12 Increases Storage Size
Stable Level 6 Increases total number of stable slots


– With Town Hall Tier 6 unlocked, the total number of structures that can be built has been increased to 150.

– Now Adventurers can construct up to 3 different monuments.

Statue of Vitality Instantly recovers stamina
Statue of Battle Temporarily increases combat EXP gained
Artisan’s Stone Statue Temporarily increases life skill EXP gained

※ Each monument has different effects and only one monument can be built at a time.

※ The monument in place must be removed before a new monument can be built.

– The randomly generated resources (such as Weed, Mysterious Ore, and Tree Stump) in camp when picked up has a chance to grow into a tree over time.


– Additional Accessory Resonance effects have been added depending on the accessory and the total number of accessories equipped.

Type Equip 2 or more Equip 4 or more Equip all 5
Epic Grade Accessory AP+2 / DP+7 AP+4 / DP+10 AP+7 / DP+14
Mystical Grade Accessory AP+20 / DP +30 AP+25 / DP+37 AP+35 / DP+49


※The Resonance effects stack. For example, equipping 5 Epic Accessories will apply the effects of equpping 2 or more and equipping 4 or more on top of equipping 5 Epic Accessories.

Guild War System Update

Guilds can now declare war on another guild.

Declaring war can be found through [Main Menu – Guild – Guild War].

Enter the name of the guild that you wish to go war with and then tap [Declare].

Only Guild Masters and Guild Officers can use the Declare War function and it costs 3,000,000 Guild Funds.

Guild Masters or Officers must enter the guild name that they wish to go war with and [Declare] must be tapped.

※ Each guild can declare war on a maximum of 1 guild at a time. However, the same guild can have war declared on them by up to 10 guilds.

※ After a war with a guild ends, there is a 24 hour waiting period until you may go to war with the same guild again.

During the war, enemy guild members will be shown with a red mark on the minimap, meaning it is possible to attack them.

Defeating an enemy guild member will grant you guild points based on the defeated Adventurer’s Combat Points.

The first guild to reach 30,000 points wins the guild war, and the war ends.

If any guild members wish to not participate in the guild war, Guild Masters and Officers can enable ‘Protected’ on up to 10 guild members. These members will not participate in the Guild War.

It costs 100,000 guild funds per guild member to be set as ‘Protected’. Additionally, guild members can be removed or added to the ‘Protective State’, but there is a 10 minute cooldown per ‘Protected’ state to be removed or added.

In case a guild wishes to cease a guild war, the Guild Master or Guild Officer may choose to withdraw from the war.

Withdrawing will result in the immediate defeat of the withdrawing guild.

※ Withdrawing is only possible under two conditions:

a) at least 60 minutes have passed or b) the guild point difference is greater than 2,000 points.

※ Defeated guilds cannot have war declared upon them for 24 hours.



– Devices, which are capable of running Black Desert Mobile on max settings, have the option to enable max settings. This system is available on all devices. However, devices with weaker specs will have their graphics settings adjusted in case of overheating or frame drops.


– Adventurers can enter an Adventurer’s Fame code at level 1, but now Adventurers must be level 20 or higher to receive the reward chest. Also, the recommended Adventurer’s fame points will only increase after claiming the reward.

– In-game chat is now divided into languages. Tap the chat to open the chat and at the top, tap languages for options.


– Added a timer to Blood Kin Quests to show the time left until a Blood Kin Quest can be accepted again.

– The dummy enemy in the skill tab will now return to its original state faster.

– Quests will now be displayed in an order that prioritizes quests that should be cleared first.



– Fixed an issue where Adventurers who are not part of your party would be shown as a party member on the minimap.

– Fixed an issue where the results of Ramoness would occasionally not show the correct results.

– Fixed an issue where the experience bar shown at the bottom of the screen would be inaccurate.

– Fixed an issue where the Auto-pathing would act abnormally when navigating to an NPC.

– Fixed an issue where registering a single item in a collection would occasionally result in the collection item not showing up properly.

– Fixed an issue where the effects of Enhancement would be wrong when gear or weapons would have existing enhancement success rates.

– Fixed an issue where the text would not align properly when changing back from Select Mode or Info Mode in the Shakatu Exchange page in some languages.

– Fixed an issue where registering Pets immediately after purchasing them would occasionally show Guild Mileage and Mileage, when it should not.

– Fixed an issue where the rewards for Boss Rush Difficulty 99 would occasionally become visible.

– Fixed an issue wherein the names of regions in the Node War map would occasionally look extremely small.

– Fixed issues caused by UI scaling.


– Fixed an issue where status effects would occasionally persist in Ramoness and Arena.

– Fixed an issue where turning helmets on or off left a shadow on the face of some characters.


– Fixed an issue so that Berni gear will not show up on the Market.


– Fixed a rare issue where, when a weapon outfit is fitted, and the weapon or sub-weapon is unequipped, the base weapon would not be visible anymore.


– Fixed various language errors in Knowledge and quests.


– Fixed a rare issue where unchecking some of the options in Pearl Shop – Outfits would result in visual errors.


– Some Guild Mileage quests will no longer be available.

– Korean language is now supported.


■ New Events

– Black Spirit’s Adventure

– Accessory Rate Up Event


■ New Items

– Ultimate Steps of Fortune

– Enhancement Chest

– Rapid Growth Chest

– Conqueror of Bosses Chest

– Tier 1 Pet Chest

■ Sale ending for the following Items

– Enhancement Support Chest

– Combat Support Chest

– Conqueror of Bosses Package

– Upper Steps of Fortune Product

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