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BDO – June 7, 2023 Patch Notes | New Classes, Balance Changes, and Enhanced User Interface


Introducing new classes, weapons, and items, plus balance changes to combat mechanics and upgrades to user interface: it’s all happening in the latest Black Desert Online update. Additionally, expect some quality of life upgrades that will enhance your overall gaming experience. But the real clincher is the community feedback driving these improvements. This shows keen developer interest in player suggestions and concerns, making for a stronger and more engaging Black Desert Online community. Get ready to experience an improved and even more adventurous Black Desert Online.

Patch Notes

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes


Main Weapon
 Butterfly Step
  • Increased the rotation speed when using Butterfly Step.
 Yangban Step
  • Changed the movement animation when using Yangban Step during cooldown after using another skill.

  Mark of the Moon, Sahee’s Descent
  • Changed so that you can use the Mark of the Moon and Sahee’s Descent in the direction of the camera when comboed into after Tigerfly.
 Black Spirit: Mark of the Moon
  • Changed the skill description to correctly relay how to use the skill.
  • Changed the skill’s animation, and damage and effects have been balanced appropriately.
Preview Description
 Life Lure
  • Changed the level to learn Life Lure to Lv. 58.
  • Changed the description to fit the actual damage of Sari Flower effects.
  • Sari Flower’s explosion damage: 2420% x 5 → 2420% x 7
 Soul Shower
  • Fixed the issue where the skill guide UI in a combat zone would display the command key as ↑+Q.
 Flow: Seocheon Field
  • Fixed the issue where the Sari Flower effect of the skill was invisible in certain situations.
 Perilous Waltz
  • Changed so that when attempting to combo into the skill with SPACE it would not active when presseing ↑.
  Flitting Step, Chain: Flitting Step
  • Increased the speed of comboing into other awakening skills when using the skill backwards.


Added green grade box processing methods

  • These five types of green grade Defense Gear Boxes will give the following items when used in process – heating (L).
    • You can get the same items by going to a blacksmith in towns and exchanging (E) the green grade defence gear boxes,
Item Names Obtainable Items
Rocaba Defense Gear Box

Melted Iron Shard x5-9
Blue Crystal x1-3
Taritas Defense Gear Box
Melted Iron Shard x5-9
Violet Crystal x1-3
Hercules’ Strength Defense Gear Box
Flax Fabric x5-9
Green Crystal x1-3
Heve’s Stamina Defense Gear Box
Flax Fabric x5-9
Blue Crystal x1-3
Fortuna’s Luck Defense Gear Box
Flax Fabric x5-9
Translucent Crystal x1-3


Applied riding crop equipment speed increase effect to the wagon.

  • Improved so the following riding crop effects are applied upon riding a wagon.
    • Max Wagon Speed +10/20/30%.
    • Max Wagon Auto-run Speed +10/20/30%
    • Forest Path Wagon Forest Rush Speed +10/20/30%
      • Added the following description to riding crop items:
Additional effects
Loggia Riding Crop Izaro Riding Crop Manos Riding Crop, Fughar’s Riding Crop
Max Wagon Speed  +10%
Max Wagon Auto-run Speed +10%
Forest Path Wagon Forest Rush Speed +10%
Max Wagon Speed +20%
Max Wagon Auto-run Speed +20%
Forest Path Wagon Forest Rush Speed +20%
Max Wagon Speed +30%
Max Wagon Auto-run Speed +30%
Forest Path Wagon Forest Rush Speed +30%

  • Added exchange items to Golden Seal – [Imperial Training].
    • You can exchange Golden Seals – [Imperial Training] x12 with Variel at the Old Wisdom Tree for Powder of Ascension x1.
  • Changed the icon of the following items to be more intuitive.
Some Farmer’s Sack
Some Fisherman’s Sack
Some Miner’s Sack
Some Archaeologist’s Sack
  • Updated the the number of Concentrated Boss’s Aura crystals in the description of the Boss’s Latent Auras item which can be obtained upon completing the weekly quest from Jetina from 115 to 155 to match the actual reward amount.


Atoraxxion: Sycrakea – Lahtron

  • Changed the appearance animation of the discharged Lahtron in [Syca’s Cradle] Atoraxxion: Sycrakea,
Discharged Lahtron Charged Lahtron
  • Fixed the issue where the following monsters of Elvia would suddenly stop pursuing adventurers and turn back in certain situations:
    • [Violent Soul] Altar Imp Trainer, [Violent Soul] Altar Imp Fighter

Quest & Knowledge

  • Fixed so the following smuggled item knowledge can be obtained through the smuggler.
    • You can obtain the following knowledge through the below smugglers by consuming 10 energy.
Town and NPC Smuggled Items Town and NPC Smuggled Items
Mysterious Man in Glish Glishnomicon
Heathen’s Torture Device
Heathen Amulet
Mysterious Man in Olvia Pumpkin Ghost Seed
Undiluted Poisonous Herb Solution
Eschatological Prophecy
Roxanna in Sand Grain Bazaar Bottle of Scorpion Venom
Elionian Doctrine
Rainbow Pill
Mysterious Man in Calpheon Emperor’s Artifact
Unauthorized Whisky
Protester Supplies
Zahad in Valencia City Scale of Black Dragon
Valencia City Blueprint
Ruin Guardian’s Core
Mysterious Man in Keplan Big Black Stone Nugget
Improved Gunpowder
Red Birthstone
Mysterious Man in Velia Slate of Ancient Stone Chamber
Angelic Powder
Forbidden Novel
Mysterious Man in Trent Treant Heart
Treant Root
Tree of Luck
Telshir in Altinova Barbarian Tonic
Valencia Enchanting Fragrance
Royal Jewelry Box
Destruction Spell Scroll
Black Spirit Control Stone
Copy of Book of Cartian
Mysterious Man in Heidel Honorable Right Foot
Forged Aristocracy Certificate
Xian Merchant Guild Bribe Accounts
  • Improved some parts of the Mediah Meal knowledge to better reflect actual gameplay.

Node & Conquest War

  • Fixed the issue where the occupied territory’s information was not displayed in the Guild Rankings – Guild Information window for alliance member guilds, excluding the leader of the alliance.

NPC, Background, Sound

  • Adjusted the positions of certain background objects to ensure smoother movement at the following locations while engaging in trade activities on a wagon.
Western Guard Camp
Alejandro Farm
  • Added some background objects to allow smoother transportation at the following locations while engaging in trade activities on a wagon.
Marcha Outpost
  • Improved movement at specific locations in the Souther Neutral Zone near Orc Camp while on Auto-run while mounted to ensure smoother movement during travel.
  • Improved certain navigation route for Stonetail Horse Ranch.
  • Improved some background elements upon encountering Koo Mi-Eun during Woosa’s Awakening quest.
  • Adjusted the subtitles displayed during cutscenes so they do not extend beyond the game window.


Another Adventurer’s Choice

How many stacks are needed to enhance TRI (III) Tuvala gear? Please recommend me an enhancement stack for Ring of Crescent Moon. We have added Gear enhancement: Another Adventuerer’s Choice for adventueres who are both new to the game and new to enhancement. Now, you will be able to see the percentage of other adventurers who have attempted enhancements at specific stacks. We hope this information can be a useful reference for adventurers who are still inexperienced in enhancing.
  • Added Another Adventuerer’s Choice as reference for gear enhancement.
    • You can see the reference by clicking the button next to Current Enhancement Chance when enhancing through the Black Spirit (,).
      • This button is displayed when there is gear registered for enhancement.
    • You can check the enhancement chances used by other adventurers in the Another Adventurer’s Choice window when you have a gear registered.
      • Info from Another Adventurer’s Choice will refresh when the window is opened.
      • Gear without enough data on enhancement chances will be displayed once there is enough data to be assessed.
※ The following equipment will not display information on other adventurers’ choice of enhancement chance.
– Accessories for guaranteed PEN (V) accessory enhancement, equipment for guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear enhancement, and Naru equipment.


  • Changed to disallow new sign-up and account linking with Twitter OpenID.
  • Fixed an issue where the PC/Mobile view icon was not displayed at the bottom of the popup slider that appears when an image is clicked.
  • Improved the screen ratio of the popup window that appears when a video is clicked to 16:9.


  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • Earth’s Sand Coral Floor → Great Sands Coral Floor
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Bedside Table → Mountain Sheep Horn Bedside Table
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Bed → Mountain Sheep Horn Bed
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Bookshelf → Mountain Sheep Horn Bookshelf
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Chair → Mountain Sheep Horn Chair
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Drawers → Mountain Sheep Horn Drawers
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Dining Table → Mountain Sheep Horn Dining Table
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Furniture Set → Mountain Sheep Horn Furniture Set
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Sofa → Mountain Sheep Horn Sofa
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Table → Mountain Sheep Horn Table
    • Mountain Sheep Horn Decorated Wardrobe → Mountain Sheep Horn Wardrobe

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where quest progression in [Sage Awakening] Shattered Trust was not smooth when you are in party.
  • Fixed the character control issue during interaction with the Skill Instructor NPC in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where scrolling was unable in the Family Inventory while moving the item function was activated.
  • Fixed the issue where the key guide for cutscene fast-forward playback function was displayed based on the keyboard for Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where Fish Workshop and Mineral Workshop were displayed as Specialty Workshop in Crafting Notes.
  • Fixed the issue where some background disappeared when approaching a specific location in Hasrah Ancient Ruins.
  • Fixed the issue where the already saved name was not displayed when trying to modify the name of a different Crystal Preset without changing the name of the current preset.
  • Fixed the issue where the currently selected Crystal Preset was not displayed in certain situations and the applied preset was displayed instead.
  • Fixed the issue where some NPCs did not appear in the Mountain of Eternal Winter area.
    • Normalized the progress of the following quests, which were temporarily unavailable:
      • [Daily] Rebellious Papus, [Daily] Under Similar Circumstances, [Daily] Patrolling the Town
  • Fixed the following during the progress of Woosa Awakening questline:
    • Certain voices were disabled.
    • Certain weapons or objects were invisible in the cutscene.
    • It was possible to skip the cutscene for acquiring a skill.
    • Fixed the issue where some quest objectives were displayed unnaturally for Gamepad UI.
    • Changed the method of moving to Shinhyang as well as the quest summary and requirement in the Quest List.
      • Before: Talk to the Unidentified Light at the entrance of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins to move to Shinhyang.
      • After: Talk to Node Manager Illen at Hasrah Cliff to move to Shinhyang.
    • Fixed the issue where the quest navigation for the [Woosa Awakening] New Plane of Enlightenment was unnatural.
  • Fixed the issue where the Work Status UI did not turn off when pressing the ESC key when checking the node being worked on in the world map (M).

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