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BDO – 27.02.2019 Patch Notes | Shadow Arena Bonus Mission Event

[New Events]

  • Shadow Arena Bonus Mission Event
    • To commemorate Shadow Arena Official Launch, and to highlight the Bonus Missions added exclusively, we will be rewarding special rewards on top of what you can already claim from completing your Bonus Missions!
    • Event Period: Feb. 27 after maintenance – Mar. 6 before maintenance
    • How to participate:
      • ① Don’t miss the Bonus Missions that appear randomly during a match of Shadow Arena.
      • ② Clear the Bonus Mission!
      • ③ Depending on the number of Bonus Missions completed during the event period, you will be given extra rewards!
    • Rewards:
      • Complete Bonus Mission twice: Advice of Valks (35-45) x1
      • Complete Bonus Mission once: [Event] Lauren Family Gift Box x3
        • You can obtain both rewards if you complete Bonus Mission twice.
  • Get a +15 Cliff’s Weapon!
    • A special event prepared exclusively for new and returning adventurers. Don’t miss this amazing chance to get a +15 Cliff’s Sub/Main/Awakening Weapons through simple quests!
    • Event Period: Feb. 27 after maintenance – Mar.6 before maintenance
  • A Box of Wonders event is back!
    • Event Period: Feb. 27 after maintenance – Mar. 13 before maintenance
    • During this special event period, purchase Shakatu’s Luxury Box and Shakatu’s Rarity Box with Silver from the Pearl Shop (F3)!
  • Special Challenges will begin to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of Black Desert Online for NA/EU regions!
    • Event Period: Feb. 28 00:00 UTC – Mar. 13 23:59 UTC
    • Play 1 hour every day for up to 5 times a day to get amazing rewards via Challenges (Y) tab!
  • Loyal attendance rewards will be refreshed.
    • Event Period: Feb. 28 00:00 UTC – Apri. 3 23:59 UTC
    • For the first time ever, [Event] Tier-8 Horse Emblem Box will also be offered so don’t forget to check in every day!

[Ended Events]

  • Be My Love
  • Shadow Arena Official Launch Countdown
  • Mount Training Fever Time

[Reward Distribution]

  • Shadow Arena Pre-season Rewards have been distributed.
  • ‘My Favorite NPC’s’ event rewards for reaching a certain Amity with a specific NPC hae been distributed.


  • Added a feature where you can give Gold Bars to NPCs to receive buffs.
    • You can receive buffs by giving Gold Bars to Ottavio Ferre, Eil, Leona, Merindora, and Nerasabi Alom.
    • You can get 3 different types of buffs (AP, DP, or EXP) for giving Gold Bars to the NPCs.
    • All buffs have a duration of 2 hours, and do not disappear even when you die.
  • Rulupee’s Travel Log has been added.
    • This travel log contains all the travels of Rulupee, the world explorer. You can enjoy reading through all the fun adventures of Rulupee while achieving Goals for awesome rewards.
    • The Goals that can be achieved from the Rulupee’s Travel Log is decided upon the number of quests completed.
    • Every time a quest is completed (except for Daily and Recurring Quests), a ‘count’ will be added to the Rulupee’s Travel Log where reaching a certain number of quests completed would mean you accomplish a Goal for Rulupee’s Travel Log.
      • Once again please make sure Daily and Recurring Quests do not count.
    • Rulupee’s Travel Log can be received from the Black Spirit after your character reaches Lv.55.
    • As you progress through the Rulupee’s Travel Logs and complete more quests, you can expect additional rewards the more chapters you complete.
    • A system to show you how many more number of quests you need to accomplish in order to accomplish the next Goal of Rulupee’s Travel Log is under development currently.
Number of Quests to complete (excluding Daily and Recurring Quests) Reward
101 Max HP +3 (Family-wide)
150 Max Weight Limit+3LT (Family-wide)
255 Max HP +5 (Family-wide)
400 Max Weight Limit+3LT (Family-wide)
601 Max HP +10 (Family-wide)
850 Max inventory Slot +1 (Family-wide)
1,153 Permanent Enhancement Chance +1 (Family-wide)
5,160 Permanent Enhancement Chance +1 (Family-wide
  • There are a total of 8 pages on Rulupee’s Travel Log, and the number of quests you have completed already before receiving Rulupee’s Travel Log. This means if you have completed let’s say 420 quests before starting Rulupee’s Travel Log, you will be able to claim the rewards for pages. 1, 2, and 3 from once you first open Rulu[ee’s Travel Log!
  • If you want to try Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log or Rulupee’s Travel Log, you need to summon the Black Spirit and complete a starting quest.
    • Here are the conditions that must be met to try these contents:
      • Bartali’s Adventure Log: Must be Lv.51 or above, must have completed Main Quests of Calpheon. Then accept ‘Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit.
      • Rulupee’s Travel Log: Must be Lv.55 or above. Then accept ‘Travel Log: Traces of a Courageous Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit.
  • Right-click on the Rulupee’s Travel Log to see the content and Goal in detail.
    • The number of completed quests (and completed quests by Family or individually) will now be displayed at the bottom of the Quests (O) window.
    • Please allow a certain amount of time for Rulupee’s Travel Log count for completing a quest to be updated.
    • Currently, Rulupee is travelling around Drieghan. Please look forward to Rulupee’s travels in Drieghan as well!
  • Title for War Hero has been added.
    • You can obtain Titles when you win in Node/Conquest War as a War Hero depending on number of wins and other adventurer kills in Node/Conquest Wars.
      • Taste of Victory
      • Bearer of Victory
      • Radiantly Shining
      • Final Victor
      • Leave it to Me!
      • Turner of the Tides
      • Mercenary
      • Fighter
      • Vanquisher
      • Job Well Done
      • The Greatest
      • War Hero
    • These Titles are permanent.
  • Siege Towers will no longer be installable if its distance is too close to your Guild’s Fort.
  • An adventurer under Guild Protection will not be able to participate as War Hero anymore.
    • The following system message will appear: “You cannot be a War Hero while under protection.”
  • Node War area near Olvia has been reduced so that Forts and annexes cannot be built on reefs of Balenos Islands.


  • Silver rewards given out daily for your Family Fame (Combat Fame, Life Fame, Special Fame) have changed as follows.
Combat Fame Reward
Points Silver rewarded per day
15 – 300 300,000
301 – 600 480,000
601 – 900 660,000
901 – 1,200 840,000
1,201 – 1,500 1,020,000
1,501 – 1,800 1,260,000
1,801 – 2,100 1,440,000
2,101 – 2,400 1,800,000
2,401 – 2,700 2,040,000
2,701 – 3,000 2,220,000
3,001 – 3,300 2,400,000
3,301 – 3,600 2,580,000
3,601 – 3,900 2,760,000
3,901 – 4,200 2,940,000
4,201 – 4,500 3,120,000
4,501 – 4,800 3,300,000
4,801 – 5,100 3,480,000
5,101 – 5,400 3,660,000
5,401 – 5,700 3,840,000
5,701 – 6,000 4,020,000
6,000 Points and up 4,200,000
Life Fame Reward
Points Silver rewarded per day
10 – 150 100,000
151 – 300 175,000
301 – 450 250,000
451 – 600 325,000
601 – 750 400,000
751 – 900 475,000
900 Points and up 600,000
Special Fame Reward
Points Silver rewarded per day
50 – 250 100,000
251 – 500 175,000
501 – 750 250,000
751 – 1,000 325,000
1,001 – 1,250 400,000
1,251 – 1,500 475,000
1,501 Points and up 600,000
  • The loading screen will now change in smoother manner for the following situations:
    • Server Change
    • Character Selection
    • Entering Shadow Arena
  • Items will now be moved normally when moving a Pearl item to Warehouse using a Transaction Maid for Central Market.
  • Shadow Arena Official Launch.
    • Your records and ranks from the pre season will all reset.
    • Shadow Arena has become brighter! You can now enjoy your match in a brighter map.
    • ① Maehwa, Ninja, and Striker have entered the roster of Shadow Arena.
      • Please check the list of skills below:
      • A single-command combo has been newly added for Maehwa, Striker, and Ninja in Shadow Arena as well.[Maehwa]
      • Basic Attack: Slice, Whirlwind Cut, Upper Kick
      • Obtainable Skills: Cyclone Slash, Blooming, Red Moon, Blind Slash, Stub Arrow, Blunt Kick, Carver, Chase[Ninja]
      • Basic Attack: Wind Slash, Shuriken Throw, Sky Stepping, Throwing Kick, Wind Slash, Shuriken Throw
      • Obtainable Skills: Ninjutsu: Concealment, Smokescreen, Blade Spin, Shuriken: Malice, Beheading the Dead, Ankle Cutter, Shadow Stomp, Fatal Blow, Shuriken: Flight[Striker]
      • Basic Attack: Heavy Fist, Triple Flying Kick, Fist of True Strength, Taeback Kick
      • Obtainable Skills: Wolf’s Fang, Massive Suppression, Adamantine, Rage Hammer, Twisted Collision, Sweeping Kick, Flash Step, Fist Fury
    • ② The single-command combos also been revised wholly so that you can utilize character combos better.
    • Press [Space] + [LMB] during basic attack while possessing a character in a match of Shadow Arena to perform a skill combo.
      Only the skills acquired through Unknown Skill Book item can be used in a combo. If there are no skills learned, pressing the one command above will only launch a basic attack.
    • If all skills are learned, hold [Space] + [LMB] to perform skill in the following order.The order of skill launched will not be affected by whether each skill can be performed during cooldown or not.
    • Each character’s skill combo will now be activated not only during standing attack but while performing the skills below.[Warrior]
      1. Shield Charge
      2. Take Down
      3. Scars of Dusk
      4. Ground Smash
      5. Forward Slash
      6. Spinning Slash[Sorceress]
      1. Midnight Stinger
      2. Darkness Released
      3. Rushing Crow
      4. Claws of Darkness
      5. Dark Flame
      6. High Kick
      7. Dark Split

      1. Predatory Hunt
      2. Elastic Force
      3. Smack Down
      4.  Raging Thunder
      5. Storming Beast
      6. Beastly Wind Slash
      7. Ultimate: Fierce Strike

      1. Soaring Kick
      2. Heilang: Whiplash
      3. Heilang: Fearful Trembling
      4.  Heilang: Trample
      5. Heilang: Surging Tide
      6. Heilang: Lightning of Earth
      7. Leaf Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Celestial Spear
      2. Sword of Judgment
      3. Forward Slash
      4.  Flurry of Kicks
      5. Judgment of Light
      6. Celestial Smite

      1. Rising Storm
      2. Blooming
      3. Blind Slash
      4.  Slice (Launched forward)
      5. Upper Kick
      6. Steel Gale

      1. Blind Slash
      2. Steel Gale
      3. Chaos: Red Moon
      4.  Blooming
      5. Upper Kick
      6. Slice (Launched forward)

      1. Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight
      2. Ankle Cutter
      3. Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion – Ghost Greeting
      4.  Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp
      5. Fatal Blow
      6. Throwing Kick
      7. Wind Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Shuriken: Flight
      2. Ninjutsu: Blade Spin
      3. Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp
      4.  Fatal Blow
      5. Shuriken: Malice
      6. Throwing Kick
      7. Wind Slash (Launched forward)

      1. Fireball
      2. Multiple Magic Arrows
      3. Frigid Fog
      4.  Meteor Shower
      5. Thunderbolt
      6. Dagger Stab

      [Dark Knight]
      1. Wheel of Fortune
      2. Unveiled Dagger
      3. Hidden Strike
      4. Kamasylvia Slash
      5. Obsidian Ashes
      6. Kriegsmesser Training (Launched forward)

      1. Rage Hammer
      2. Heavy Fist (Launched forward)
      3. Twisted Collision
      4. Sweeping Kick
      5. Adamantine
      6. Taeback Kick

      1. Rage Hammer
      2. Sweeping Kick
      3. Heavy Fist (Launched forward)
      4.  Scissor Kick
      5. Adamantine
      6. Twisted Collision
      7. Soul Basher

    • ③ New boss features have been added:
      • You may face off against the followed bosses in Shadow Arena now:
        • Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Muskan
    • Upon defeating theses bosses, you will receive the following benefits:
      • Muskan: Muskan’s Shoes, Max Stamina +300 (3 mins.)
      • Dastard Bheg: Bheg’s Gloves, AP +30 (3 mins.)
      • Giath: Giath’s Helmet,  All Resistance +30% (3 mins.)
      • Red Nose: Red Nose’s Armor, HP auto-recovery +15 (3 mins.)
    • ④ ‘Practice’ match has been added to Shadow Arena.
      • You can play as many different characters in Practice Mode, since the characters sealed within the stones never disappear.
      • Contaminated Man and Contaminated Woman will appear in a Practice match and these monsters are easily defeated; a perfect practice target.
      • If you get killed by another adventurer during the Practice match, you will resurrect as the Black Spirit and can possess characters again.
      • In a Practice match, the Dark Fog will not close in. Every Practice has a duration of 25 minutes, and you can rejoin a Practice.
      • In a Practice match, you will possess yourself into characters with full skill set unlocked.
      • At max 50 adventurers can participate at once, and once the participant number exceeds 50 in the room you will be automatically sent to other room for Practice match. The match can also start when there is only 1 participant.
    • ⑤ Strong monsters will now appear from Waragon Cave.
      • Fierce Rhutums will appear in the Waragon Cave in the early period of the match.You can try to take them down for a chance to obtain strong gear early in the match, but these monsters will be tough opponents. Also, Hungry Black Spirits will appear more often in these caves so beware!
    • ⑥ Bonus Missions have been added to Shadow Arena
      • However for certain Bonus Missions with a special requirements for example ‘Finish a match without killing any adventurers,’ these can only be checked after the match ends.
      • Complete the Bonus Missions for extra rewards of Resplendent Black Rock x1 – x3 depending on the type and difficulty of your bonus Missions on top of your match rewards!
      • You can check the current status (whether it has been completed or not) of your Bonus Mission during a match.
      • The Bonus Missions appear in 3 different situations:
        • After a match begins
        • Right after you go into a character
        • After a specific period has passed once combat begins
      • However, in order to sustain the previous combat environment of Shadow Arena, Bonus Missions are given at random to an individual at 25% chance.
      • Bonus Missions including an example like ‘Kill 2 Mystics’ will be offered at random to create a variety in a match of Shadow Arena.
  • The following character skill damages have been adjusted for Shadow Arena.
Class Skill Name Damage Increase/Decrease
Warrior Shield Strike +100%
Sideways Cut +20%
Scars of Dusk -7%
Ground Smash -20%
Sorceress Sinister Energy +65%
Sharp Nails +150%
Mark of Shadow -10%
Berserker Elastic Force +4%
Corpse Storm +20%
Rock Smash +20%
Valkyrie Shield Strike +200%
Forward Slash +13%
Sideways Cut +175%
Divine Power +10%
Sword of Judgment +13%
  • Here are the new times for Shadow Arena:
  • ‘Re-join’ button has been added to the results window of a Shadow Arena match.
    • After all part members have died in party mode, you can press the ‘Re-join’ button in the results window to enter Shadow Arena again with the same party members.
    • This feature can be used by both solo and party modes.
  • Guides regarding how to possess classes as the Black Spirit have now been added in the following situations:
    • After the match starts as you roam around in Black Spirit form.
    • After the match starts if you have not possessed a character.
  • A new BGM has been added when in Black Spirit mode while waiting for the game start.
  • The BGM will start to change when the Dark Fog starts closing in.
  • Fixed the issue where players who left after 5 minutes of Shadow Arena survival time (based on the survival time displayed on the screen) were unable to receive rewards through the rewards window.
  • Fixed the issue where Silver reward appeared on the result UI of Shadow Arena when a player left the match. (Player who left the match in the middle of the game cannot receive Silver.)
  • Pressing the Shadow Arena Rewards button when the Shadow Arena Rankings window is open will now close the Shadow Arena rewards window.
  • Fixed the issue where any member of your Party that exceeds the 50 player limit count would be disconnected when entering Shadow Arena Party mode.
    • Depending on the situation, it will now become possible to enter Shadow Arena even when the number of participants exceeds the 50 player limit.
  • Fixed the issue where the rewards list would be visible in the results window after you play a match in Shadow Arena’s Private Room.

[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where you could not sit on a certain chair at the Battle Arena due to it being stuck inside the ground.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would collide into the stairs when auto-navigating at the Abandoned Mine.
  • Moved a monster which was stuck in a certain geographical area at Sausan Garrison.


  • Two NPC’s who were sawing at Trent Forest have disappeared.
  • Characters in Main Weapon and Awakening Weapon mode will now board a Mount faster upon trying to mount while moving in combat mode.
  • The text alignment of the title of the window to Register Mounts and Guild Mounts has been improved.
  • The unnecessary Help button on Register button for Stable and Guild Stable was removed.

[All Classes]

  • Changed the feeling of impact upon hitting targets with basic attacks to reflect the actual moment of contact when hitting targets.
  • The AP of the basic attacks for the following classes that are considered relatively low have been increased to the following:
    • Basic AP of Berserker from Lv. 1 to Lv. 60 has increased by +1 on average.
    • Basic AP of Tamer and Wizard from Lv.1 to Lv.50 has increased as follows:
      • Lv.10: +9 on average
      • Lv.20: +8 on average
      • Lv.30: +6 on average
      • Lv.40: +3 o average
      • Lv.50: +1 on average
  • AP and DP for all classes will increase when each class reaches Lv.56 and Lv.60.
    • Upon reaching Lv.56: DP +1
    • Upon reaching Lv.60: AP +1
  • Fixed the issue where Matchlocks didn’t appear to fire properly when mounting a horse with a Matchlock equipped.
  • The brightness of the hit effect that appears when a character attacks monsters has decreased slightly.
  • The automatic HP recovery spec. has been changed to the following:
    • +10 in 5 sec. → +80 in 5 sec.
  • Fixed the graphical issue where the blood splatter effect would occur towards the top instead of the middle when attacking from the front.
  • Pressing W + Shift + Space keys will now make it easier for you jump over low walls while Sprinting in Awakening mode.
  • Adjusted the camera movement time for the character combat effects.

[By Class]

  • Fixed the awkward camera work when using Great Sword Defense.
  • Decreased the speed of activating the Evasion I skill forwards consecutively.
  • Fixed the Purificatione skill’s friendly HP recovery effect so that it would match the motions of the skill.
    • Fixed the Castigatio skill III, IV’s effect so that the effect would match the area in which it applies.
  • Added a graphical effect to the Purificatione skill’s friendly HP recovery effect.
  • Fixed the issue where the jump attack for Valkyrie Slash I would not have reduced PvP damage.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would be holding a Horn Bow when using Blooming.
  • You can now use Massive Suppression through Quick Slot.

  • Enhanced gears have been newly added to weapon and armor NPC shops in regions of Calpheon and Serendia.
    • Adventurers can now purchase high-grade gear at max Enhancement level that will match the growth rate of your character development through an NPC shop. We hope this will aid in your adventures and training for character growth.
Region NPC Item sold (with Enhancement Lv.)
Western Guard Camp


Claus +1 Militia Weapon Box
Miguel Aries +1 Reblath Armor Box


Alfredo +3 Militia Weapon Box
Tranan Underfoe +3 Reblath Armor Box
Heidel Ornella +3 Azwell Weapon Box
Techthon +3 Agerian Armor Box
Glish Amaranto +3 Sub-weapon Box
Kardash +3 Talis Armor Box
Delphe Knights Castle Margaret +5 Kalis Weapon Box, +5 Agerian Armor Box
Calpehon City Ronatz +7 Kalis Weapon Box
Kanobas +7 Kalis Weapon Box
Grandus +7 Agerian Armor Box
Dobart +7 Agerian Armor Box
Keplan Andria +5 Sub-weapon Box
Shurd +5 Zereth Armor Box
Treant Olinto +7 Sub-weapon Box
Mandolf +7 Zereth Armor Box
Behr Likke Behr +10 Kalis Weapon Box, +10 Zereth Armor Box
  • Adjusted the item pick up time for the following pets to match other tier 1 pets.
    • Lv. 1 → 10 sec. / Lv. 10 → 4 sec.
      • Striped Cat
      • Orange Brindle Cat
      • Black Mask Cat
      • White Shorthair Cat
      • Spotted Valencian Cat
      • Piebald Cat
      • Gray Thin Cat
      • [Event] Grey Moon Cat
      • Brown Fighting Dog
  • The pet special skills (Detection, Find, Track) have been unified to say “Detects resources”.
  • The following items can now be registered to Central Market:
    • Pan with a Fried Egg
  • The ‘find rare monsters’ special skill will no longer activate for the Carmadun Owl when its special skill is not activated.
  • Certain attack patterns have been changed and added for the Abandoned Iron Mine Executors.
    • The overall attack speed has increased, and the standby time for attacks has been decreased.
    • When its HP is below 50%, the Imp Work Supervisor and Troll Work Supervisor will be summoned.
  • Fixed the issue where the hunting monster Feather Wolf at Kamasylvia would not react when hit from far away.
  • Fixed the issue where the Dark Rift boss monsters would continue to summon creatures when you enter into combat again after failing to defeat them after they appear from the Dark Rift.
  • The location for using the Moghulis Summon Scroll has changed.
  • New boss monsters Ronin and Ahib Griffon will now appear from the Dark Rifts at Kamasylvia.
    • Ronin: Hard difficulty
    • Ahib Griffon: Very Hard difficulty
  • Fixed the issue where the hunting monster Phnyl would not come to chase you if attacked from the max distance.
  • The AP of the monsters from Dark Rifts will decrease much more now every time they weaken by 1 level (every 24 hours).


  • The method of using boss scrolls to summon and fight a boss monster during main quests has changed to the method where you have to interact with a Dark Rift to summon and fight a boss monster.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria was not progressing normally.
  • Fixed the awkwardness in how Karcenov addressed players when they hand over the Calpheon Defense Token.
  • Fixed the issue where the NPC dialogue was awkward during the Clear Justification quest.
  • The knowledge hint for the Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon has been revised from being Stone Mountain Iguana to Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon.
  • The “Karlstein Outfit Crafting: The One Who Follows the Path of Vetor” quest will be displayed in the Suggested tab after you press the ‘O’ key.
  • The NPC for completing the Reproducing the Bautt Slate quest has been changed to NPC Ain Greid located at the Ancient Fissure.
  • The following Family quests have changed to character-based quests.
    • The Slave Becomes Master
    • The Cost of Labor
    • Stolen Equipment
    • Small and Worthless
  • The “Wanna Make a Lead Bullet” button has been removed from the Black Spirit since Lead Bullets can no longer be created.
  • Fixed the issue where you were able to use Transport function change with characters below Lv. 5 in the End Game window.
  • When you purchase an item from the Pearl Shop (F3) while your Inventory (I) is opened, your Inventory will now automatically refresh.
  • The durability notification will no longer be displayed when the durability is low for tools which cannot be repaired.
  • The accumulated number of trades will now be displayed when you search at the Central Market.
  • An icon will now be displayed in the Trade section of the tab which shows quests in progress within the Quests window.
  • Since Safe Enhance (+1~7 for Weapon/+1~5 for Armor) is not affected by increased Enhancement Chance, it will now display a description about Safe Enhance instead of displaying a description about Enhancement Chance.
  • The Apply button can no longer be selected when you do not have any items applicable to Item Brand/Item Brand Removal.
  • The Optimization (Beta) menu has been removed from Settings > Performance Settings, and the options from the menu have been merged into the Optimization menu.
  • The “Update Cycle Optimization” settings have been removed from the Game Settings -> Performance Settings -> Optimization (beta) menu.
  • The Graphic Quality menu has been moved to be at the top of the Performance Settings menu.
  • Fixed the issue where text would bleed out of the skill guide window for the German version.
  • You can now set a hotkey for Adventure Log icon via Settings > Interface Settings > UI Hotkeys.
    • There will not be a default hotkey set for Adventure Log.
  • Fixed the issue where the Favorites window would appear above the Buy or Sell window when opening up the Buy or Sell window after opening Favorites window.
  • ‘Total Family Bonus’ button has been added below the title of Adventure Log where you can check the stats. acquired from progressing through the Adventure Logs.
  • A new function to see Conquest War Status window in a smaller scale has been added.
    • From the Conquest War Status window, select ‘[-] Zoom Out’ and ‘[+] Zoom In’ buttons to adjust the scale of the conquest war status.
  • The texture graphics of the title area have changed to appear more natural, and also fixed the issue where text alignment did not fit when increasing the text size on the following windows.
    • Totem
    • Alchemy Stone
    • Recently Successful Cooking
    • Recently Successful Alchemy
  • Low-power Option can now be set (On/Off) from the game Setting window that appears when creating a character for the first time in a new account.
  • Fixed the text overlapping on the Dark Rift window with the descriptive text and the list of 6 monsters or more that spawned from the Dark Rift.
  • Fixed the issue where the hair graphics on certain animals appeared awkwardly in Remastered or Ultra Mode.
  • A new filter option to view/hide information of Dark Rift has been added to the World Map.
  • A new button that turns off all filters except for the ones selected has been added to the top right corner of the World Map.
  • The game loading sequence has been improved to transition more naturally (when changing servers/characters, entering Shadow Arena, etc.)
  • Added a feature which allows you to collect the money for all sold items through the Central Market’s “Sell” area.
  • The scroll bar on Dark Rift window will now be controllable with the mouse.
  • Fixed the issue where your character’s graphic texture would be set to low when setting the Texture Quality to Low under settings.


  • Fixed the issue where the New Year Hanbok outfit would appear graphically broken on the chest area when the outfit gets wet after certain customization.

[Item Changes]

  • Fixed the issue where the Old Moon Distress Call would not work from certain areas.

[Monster Changes]

  • Fixed the issue where certain areas of the fur of sheep would appear graphically broken with black spots.

[Quest & Knowledge]

  • When you obtain Knowledge while going through the “Worse Than an Ogre” quest, a button will no longer be displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where you were able to give an infinite amount of Marmot Meat to the NPC for the “Cute and Delicious” quest when you brought Marmot Meat without butchering the meat.

[Interface Changes]

  • The title area for the following UI has been slightly changed.
    • Item Brand/Brand Removal window
    • Equipment/Weapon switch window.
  • Improved the alignment of the Rank, Family Name, and Best Time columns within the Monster Rank window.
  • The location of the arrows when aligning the Node/Conquest War status within the Guild window (G) has been fixed to look more natural (for the character name, number of Command Posts/Forts destroyed area).
  • Fixed the issue where the title area for the Worker Change Skill window and Recover All Workers window appeared unnatural.
  • Fixed the issue where the title area for the Worker Contract window would look unnatural.
  • Revised the title area for the Garden Information window in My Gardens.
  • Fixed the issue where the title area for the Villa Scroll window would look unnatural.
  • Improved the alignment for the list of buffs in the Villa Scroll window.
  • Fixed the issue where the decimal points for the Skill EXP would overlap when using the Simplify UI feature after using the custom HP bar.
  • Fixed the issue where the Enhancement chance and the UI which shows the difficulty level of the enhancement would overlap when making enhancements.
  • Fixed the issue where the Enhancement and Transfusion windows would close abnormally when you press the ESC button after activating the BDO Wiki window through the “?” icon in the Black Spirit Enhancement and Transfusion windows.
  • Improved the alignment for the Residence Owner list window.
  • Fixed the issue where the maid/butler would remain in place even after pressing the X button after opening the Central Market through them.
  • Fixed the issue where workers sold from Worker Exchange appeared to remain in your Worker List.
  • Fixed the issue where work of another worker in progress at another node would be cancelled upon withdrawing a Fence.
  • Improved the error descriptions which appear while using the Central Market.
  • Fixed text display error that occurred when putting your mouse over Combat Fame on My Information (P).
  • Fixed the graphical awkwardness on the icon of the Volatile Price Items in Central Market.
  • Fixed the issue where the checked Auto Arrange box would be released every time you reopen the Manage Warehouse window.
  • Fixed the awkwardness in the location of the Quest Summary that appeared when scrolling up or down on the Quest Summary.
  • Hotkey will no longer open up the old Marketplace now.
  • A tooltip will be displayed if the Buy/Sell buttons on the left side of the Central Market are too long.
  • We are aware of an issue where your Shadow Arena rankings may not be up to date. Your rankings will automatically refresh to reflect your current rankings after you play a match.
  • We are aware of the issue where certain equippable gears are not being sold in the NPC Shops. We will resolve the issue soon.

[Updated 04/03/2019]

  • We are aware of the issue where the boss in the quest [To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe spawns at an abnormal location. We will resolve the issue with Mar. 6 maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where the boss in the quest [Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn! cannot be spawned. We will resolve the issue with Mar. 6 maintenance.

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