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BDO – 01.08.2018 Patch Notes

Giddy-Up Adventurers,
This week, we bring you an exciting patch that will get you to say neigh to anything else because of the Saddle Up!  event is here. Enjoy a horse EXP boost and bonuses to Imperial Horse Delivery.

If you’re not the speed on your steed type of player, we have also added a Lv.64 reward in the Challenge (Y) tab!

Finally, obtain 9 newly added furniture items through hunting! So hoof it over to the rest of the patch notes, say hay to your guildies, and read the rest of those patch notes because we’re not fooling around!


  • Saddle Up! event has been added.
    • Event Period: 8/1 After Maintenance ~ 8/15 Before Maintenance
    • During the event period, enjoy Mount EXP +30% boost and also gain more rewards for using Imperial Horse Delivery!
  • Loyal Attendance Rewards have been refreshed:
    • Event Period: 8/2 00:00 UTC ~ 9/5 23:59 UTC

[Ongoing Events]

  • Crio’s Favor event: 7/25 After Maintenance ~ 8/8 Before Maintenance
  • WARS REVAMPED! event: July 22nd After Node War ~ August 4th Before Conquest War.
    • Please remember all rewards (Scrolls and Titles) will be given out during maintenance on 8/8.
    • Please remember you cannot claim the rewards if you quit your Guild before the maintenance on 8/8. You must have participated and met the requirements for Node/Conquest Wars during 7/22 ~ 8/4.
  • Gather Serbianca’s Voucher event: 7/18 After Maintenance ~ 8/8 Before Maintenance

[Ended Events]

  • Challenge (Y) for reaching Lv.60: 7/25 After Maintenance ~ 8/1 Before Maintenance
  • Special titles Eternal, Darkness, and Light (for completing requirements and stages for the Mysteries of Summer) have been sent out.


  • Challenge (Y) for reaching Lv.64, ‘[Lv. 64] A Knack For Hard Work’ has been added.
    • For reaching Lv.64 with your character, you will be rewarded Capotia Necklace (Once per Family allowed).
  • Benefits for occupying Territories of Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia have been added.
    • For adventurers who belong to a Guild that successfully occupies a territory, 50% increase in item drop rate boost will be given.
      • Calpheon – Calpheon, Kamasylvia Territory
      • Mediah – Mediah Territory
      • Valencia – Valencia Territory (Including Aakman and Hystria)
    • (Please keep in mind the tax you can collect from occupying a territory will be the same as before.)
  • Fixed the issue where the location info of a switched character that has been switched via Character Selection window would not be updated.


  • The background loading speed of certain regions and towns in Calpheon has been optimized.
    • The loading speed of areas where there are many installments and objects has been optimized. Therefore, the game should now be more fluid even with a lower-spec PC or when travelling on your mount.

[Game World]

  • Default setting of the skill Morning Star of the Fairy has been changed from ON to OFF.
    • Fixed the issue where the skill would turn on from Character Selection window or during Server Change.


  • It has been changed that some NPCs sitting on chairs will no longer greet the Lord that conquers the relevant territory.
  • Fixed the issue where a ship would spin rapidly when another adventurer who was invisible via the ‘Hide Other Characters’ setting boarded the ship.

[All Classes]

  • Skill level for passive-type skills will now be displayed.
  • The fish effect that appears on top of the character upon a successful fishing during auto-fishing has now been removed.
  • Further improvements have been made to fix the graphical awkwardness in the hair part upon wearing the Coco Hat.
  • Fixed the issue where Stiffness effect would not be applied to distant targets upon using the skill Stigma
  • Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the ear part that occurred when wearing [Event] Seahorse Diving Hat.
  • Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the head part that occurred when wearing [Event] Seahorse Diving Hat.
  • Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the skirt and body upon wearing Marine Romance outfit.
  • Fixed the issue where the string band part of the Vadabin Diving Mask appeared to be embedded in the neck part upon equipping it.
  • The following description has been added to the item tooltip of Black Spirit’s Claw.
    • You will only be able to equip crystals gained from heating craftable costumes tailored with Equipment Tailoring Coupon.
  • The weight of Apprentice’s Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking Box has been decreased from 90LT to 80LT.
  • Text regarding how to use the items have been added to the following items:
    • [Guild] Sailor Contract Renewals, Sailboat Contract Renewals, Frigate Contract Renewals
  • Item tooltips on Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone and Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone will now state that the NPC-to-exchange the Hunter’s Seals is now Jeweler Thyshelle Arms.
  • 9 New Furniture obtainable through Hunting has been added:
  • The following items can be obtained by Hunting Kamasylvian monsters located in the Western Valtarra Mountains.
    • Stuffed Belladonna Elephant Head
    • Stuffed Baby Belladona Elephant Head
    • Stuffed Gazelle Head
    • Stuffed Black Leopard Head
    • Stuffed Feather Wolf Head
    • Stuffed Phnyl Head
    • Stuffed Ferrica Head
    • Stuffed Ferrina Head
  • The Altar of Agris has been newly occupied by the Steel Imps now!
  • Some of the soldiers at Cron Castle deserted their posts. There will be fewer soldiers present at the Cron Castle now.
  • HP of Young Candidum, Young Black Rust, and Young Nineshark has increased by 50%.
  • The tree spirit will now appear more distant away from the node manager of Forest of Seclusion.
  • Boss Vision Range has been fixed to not be affected by another World Boss that spawns in a different territory.
  • The amount of time Quint the First Troll attacks by repeatedly jumping in the same place has been reduced by 60%.


  • Some text have been added to the quests Tears of the Wind and Small Breaths to make the quest progression more natural.
  • The text “If you are carrying trade items, you cannot teleport to the Ancient Stone Chamber” has been added to the quest summaries of the following Valencia and Kamasylvia main quests
    • The Leader
    • Edana’s Descendant
    • There and Back Again..
    • Great Legacy
  • Fixed the issue where the quest would not be completed intermittently during the progression of the quest Gardaka’s Treasure.
  • Fixed the issue where the Window size of the Crafting Note and Beauty Album would change according to the graphic resolution.
  • Renamed the PVP-exclusive server as Arsha (PVP-exclusive) server from the Server Selection screen.
  • Changed that the High-End Mode (Beta) can now be set via Performance Settings > Graphics & Textures > High-End Mode (Beta).
  • Fixed the issue where the client minimized to tray after a long uptime of the game would crash.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal screenshots would be taken when changing Crop mode setting.
  • Fixed the issue where the shadows would look abnormal when changing Settings > Display Settings > Display Quality > Graphics.
  • Fixed the issue where Conquest Status and Score was not being displayed properly under Conquest window.
  • Fixed the issue where Transport of items from Altinova to Ancado Inner Harbor was not possible.

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