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Mostly, a guide update is created to infuse some “originality” into the game for the dispatch of a season – new formats to learn, new pivots to use, and new procedures to ace. It additionally offers the architects a chance to improve the general stream and experience of playing the guide, while tending to any torment focuses we’ve gotten notification from the network.

With that in mind, our first step is identifying what we want to tackle for Season 6:

  • More (and improved!) play on the lava side of the map
  • Better options for rotations out of some particularly sticky chokepoints
  • An interesting new map mechanic to promote some new combat scenarios.


Hammond Industries keeps on assuming control over World’s Edge. They’re doing… something… accursed, I’m certain. The Launch Site can be found toward the west of The Dome in a formerly empty magma field. The monster rocketship remains over the focal point of this new focal point, and it tends to be seen overshadowing the mountains from as distant as Refinery.

This new drop area has four huge control rooms to hold and huge amounts of plunder. Numerous crews should feel good arriving here, spreading out, and pushing over the raised catwalks and magma filled landscape to be the last group standing.

apex 1 .png

One of the most exciting aspects of Launch Site are the new rotation opportunities through this side of the map. A new passageway has been constructed through the cliffside heading to the east side of The Tree.

apex 2 .png


apex 3 .png

The path towards Sorting Factory now comes out on the porch of the Launch Site facility, with a commanding overlook of the south side of Sorting.

apex 4 .png

Rotating out of The Dome now has more options, as Launch Site is right next door with a continued path to The Tree. If you prefer to slide down the hill towards Sorting, a new geyser has sprouted up in the lower basin, allowing for a quick way to get up and over that ridge if the ring is breathing down your neck.

apex 5.png


Drill Site has been supplanted with Countdown, another enormous Hammond office with a puzzling reason.

The structure of this PoI is a monumental post with a tall border, total with 3 goliath impact dividers that can be initiated to raise and progressively strengthen the methodology from Skyhook, Lava Fissure and Train Yard (more on that beneath!)

The enormous control rooms stand separated by a profound focus pit. The pit can be opened to permit access to all the more likely plunder, however this is a hazardous nectar pot neglected on all sides, so ensure you control this region before taking the plunge.

apeex 6.png


Arranging is a littler PoI, yet arrives in the nexus of a vigorously voyaged zone in the focal point of the guide. This new drop area replaces a humble community that used to sit straightforwardly underneath the train tracks toward the east of Harvester. It should now give substantially more fascinating battles, just as altogether more plunder.

Rather than a humble community in the focal point of a low pit, the plan pushes players to the raised edges of this region, using two all the more rising dividers to associate with the train tracks over the hole. Resting train vehicles give more spread along the tracks, just as high associations over the middle to battle the control room.

We likewise observe the takeoff of the close by Mirage Voyage, as Mr. Witt has flown his customized transport away from World’s Edge… for the time being.



The rising dividers are another guide specialist added to World’s Edge and can be found in Launch Site, Countdown and Staging. Initiating a board will begin the mammoth shoot divider to rise, making a solid stage and for all time bracing the situation of whichever group was fortunate enough to control it first.

apex 7.png

If you find yourself assaulting a wall that is being defended, there are always pathways through the bottom or around the position by a nearby path. And if you’re a Legend with verticality, you can always fly right over.


Traveling east from Survey Camp will currently lead you into another pathway, straightforwardly through the cliffside, over the train tracks, and into Skyhook.

This new sliced through has been extraordinary for pivoting effectively out of Skyhook, and ought to permit Survey Camp to be somewhat more feasible as a drop area or a revolution choice.

The train burrows are likewise stuffed with plunder and spread around there, so anticipate more choices, and opposition, when playing on this side of the guide.


The train has been halted!

For Season 6, the train has been disassembled and spread around the tracks of World’s Edge.

This single change helped us accomplish one of our objectives of giving more rotational alternatives through some especially frightening chokepoints. About all passages that used to be clear for the train (and along these lines, never utilized), presently have static train vehicles and other spread, just as some limited quantities of plunder.


In addition to the new geyser north of The Dome, a new one has also sprouted up south of Lava Fissure, making crossing the deep sulfur river a bit easier.


There are other small additions and changes to be found throughout the map. Keep a lookout!

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