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Apex Legends – 1.2 Patch Notes | The Legendary Hunt Begins

Lots going on with this patch so bear with the long post. Below is a breakdown of what’s available in the Legendary Hunt Event as well as patch notes for a collection of fixes and quality of life additions to Apex. Sorry again for the delay today, everyone and thanks for sticking with us.


Apex Elite Queue
June 4 – July 2

Make it to the Top 5 in any match, and earn your way into a select queue full of Top 5 winners. Then prove you’re the best of the best by taking them all down!

  • The queue is optional. You can choose to play in the regular playlist at any time.

  • The Ring closes faster and damage for out of bounds has been increased.

  • Earn character specific badges that track Elite game wins.

Two Additional Legendary Skins for all Battle Pass Owners

  • Players who have the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically get the Legendary Honored Prey R-301 skin.

  • Players who reach Battle Pass level 15 before the end of the event will get the Wraith Night Terror Legendary skin.

Legendary Hunt Challenge Rewards

June 4 – June 18

Complete special in-game challenges to score free Legendary Hunt loot! Don’t lose sight of your prey – these rewards are event exclusive, and once it’s over, they’re gone for good.

  • Legendary Hunt Badge – Finish in the Top 5 in any match. Tracks your longest Top 5 streak in the Elite Queue.

  • Rare Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin – Finish in the Top 5 in an Apex Elite match.

  • Epic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Legend skin – Finish in the Top 5 in any queue five times (consecutive or nonconsecutive).

  • Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin – Win twice in any queue (consecutive or nonconsecutive).

Battle Pass Bonus XP

June 4 – June 18

Earn an entire Battle Pass level when you finish in the Top 5 in any match (once per day).

Double XP Weekend

Friday June 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT – Monday June 10 at 10:00 a.m. PT

Score double level XP and Battle Pass XP all weekend long! Does not include the Battle Pass level earned from finishing in the Top 5 each day.

Legendary Hunt Store Skins

June 4 – June 18

New Legendary Hunt items will rotate into the shop every three to four days – these items are event limited, so they may be back, but no one can say when.



“Teamwork” and “Bonus Round” Badges

  • We are working on a server side patch for these ASAP.

Playstation sign in bug for new players

  • [affects Playstation only] There is an issue with some brand new players that do not already have an EA account linked to PSN being unable to sign into the game. We’re working a fix for this to get out ASAP.


  • Thunderdome has had some small changes to loot placement, mostly around moving loose loot into bins for more visibility on where the loot is.

  • The Pit has about 2x the loot in it

  • Repulsor has loot bins added to the west side of the area, on top of the trapezoid buildings.

  • Some loot added to the underground pit in the small town in Shattered Forest.

  • Added voice over lines that will callout Jump Towers when you ping them. You can now ping the jump towers.


  • Decreased the delay with items showing up in the menu when looting a Death Box.

  • Mini Map direction will now display correctly while in the ship or skydiving.

  • Improved server performance for some cases of rubberbanding when using items.

  • Removed an exploit that allowed a squad to have more than one of the same Legend.

  • Removed an exploit that allowed to “bunny hop” while healing.

  • Fixed issue where players might “bounce” off your squad when breaking off during a skydive.

  • Improved skydiving so it should feel more responsive and smooth.

  • Thermite grenades now cause damage to doors.

  • Squad Summary Page Improvements

    • cursor support added.

    • players can now mute / report players from this page.

    • players can now report teammates that have disconnected.

  • Caustic barrels can now be triggered to disabled by friendly teammates.

  • [Xbox and PS4 only] Added ability to fully customize button layout for controllers.

  • Added cooldown [.5 seconds] before you can reuse the last zipline you were on.

  • Pathfinder’s Grapple now has a blue crosshair indicator that will appear when the Grapple is in range of objects it can connect to.

  • When grappling a zipline, the trajectory will now pull players to a point below the zipline rather than above. This makes it so players are more likely to connect with the zipline instead of flying over it.

  • Made improvements to how weapon reticles and optics are displayed when playing with colorblind settings.

  • Added colorblind support for threat vision scope and Bloodhound’s Ultimate.

  • Removed the ability for players to change game settings not intended to be modified on a client level. Our intent is to prevent exploits like removing muzzle flash, disabling lighting, and other changes that give players an unfair competitive advantage.

  • We’ve reverted the behavior of “Holster Weapons” so pressing that button while your melee weapon is out will no longer bring out your last primary weapon.

  • [Xbox and PS4 only] Added ability to fully customize button layout for controllers.

  • Added localized voice overs for all Legends that now supports:

    • French

    • German

    • Spanish

    • Italian

    • Russian

    • Polish

    • Japanese

    • Mandarin

  • Fixed an issue where a player is unable to change their Party Privacy option.

  • Fixed the extra sway from the G7 crosshair while moving.

  • Fixed bug where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable.

  • Fixed a rare issue with using consumables while having a Caustic gas canister out.

  • Fixed an issue where shield cells and shield batteries would sometimes appear to be permanently stuck to the player.

  • Improved framerate when Sun shadow coverage is set High in Video options.

  • Fixed issue with the Long Distance Kill Badge not displaying the correct max distance.

  • Fixed issue with bad framerate when using Bloodhound’s Ultimate.

  • Fixed players being crushed by opening or closing doors when climbing onto a roof just above the door.

  • Fixed a crash related to model code.

  • Fixed issue where player would crawl very fast in place.

  • Fixed some rare cases of players getting stuck in geometry.

  • Fixed issue where Octane’s Stim trail would still linger after death.

  • Fixed cases where melee lunges could stop too far from their intended target.

  • Fixed issue with players not receiving any XP for anything after a match and the Champion Bonus showing as -1XP.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the audio and visual effects would not play when a weapon fires.

  • Lots of minor fixes and polish to game stability and performance.

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