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Anthem – Cataclysm PTS

There’s a storm on the horizon. Something big is on the way. A Cataclysm is coming, and if you own the game on PC or are a current Origin Access Premier subscriber, you can get an early look with the new Public Test Server* – available starting June 4.

What Is a Cataclysm?

It’s a season-long event with new enemies to fight, mysteries to uncover, and power to be gained.

What Is the Anthem Public Test Server?

It’s a way for Anthem PC players to share their feedback about the upcoming Cataclysm experience before it’s available to everyone. Currently, the Public Test Server (PTS) is only available on PC (and in English), to anyone who owns Anthem on PC or is an active Origin Access Premier subscriber.

What Else Do I Need to Know About the PTS?

Here are the key points:

  • When: starting June 4 (While we’re testing new content on the PTS, there will be occasional downtime for server restarts or maintenance, and there may be additional patches to download – see Twitter for the latest updates.)
  • Who can play: all current Anthem PC owners or anyone with an active Origin Access Premier subscription.
  • Where you can find it: visit your game library on
  • How to give feedback: visit the PTS Forums.

All eligible players will find a special Anthem PTS tile in their game library on Origin. Just click on the tile to start the download, accept the PTS Agreement, and you’ll be able to begin playing on June 4. That’s all there is to it, no additional registration or special sign-ins. Just download, opt-in for the PTS on the main screen by accepting the PTS Agreement, and play.

You won’t be able to bring your current javelins, currency, XP, or any other items into the Public Test Server, nor will you be able to take anything earned in the PTS back to your regular version of the game. You’ll enter the PTS at level 30 and with all four javelins unlocked, so you can focus your time and attention on the Cataclysm itself instead of worrying about leveling up.

While the Public Test Server is available, you’ll have a chance to explore new areas, take on tough enemies, and face some of the deadliest weather events the world of Anthem can throw at you. You’ll also have the chance to let us know what you like (or don’t like) about what you’re experiencing. Feel free to visit the PTS Forums to leave your feedback for the game team and discuss what you’ve seen and done with your fellow Freelancers.

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  1. Cool, I’ve been looking for this one for a long time


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